Copyright Infringement

Please visit.. (EDIT: WEBSITE REMOVED)

NOTE: Not affiliated with in any ways.

Lets see..
Here are some screenshots of the website (click for bigger image)

Cris’s banner! OMG!

Frank’s post!

Here’s Mr. xes using my about page as template.

JeffOoi’s Screenshot is a Chinese blog? WTF!?

Look @ my link icon!

Dude, why dont you cut out my face from a picture and paste your face on it and then name my friends Abu, Ah Kao, Muthu or something.

No I’m not angry, I’m just amused.


Frank’s very angry..very, very angry.. you wont like it when Frank’s angry..


Follow up @

46 thoughts on “Copyright Infringement”

  1. OMG! this happened to xiaxue too…. the 1 which shows his pic…. there written “so don sue me if i did anything wrong” he knows both u and frank are lawyers. Sue him! sue him! eh~~~ can sue him or not?

    am i the only one that finds this farkin funny ??!?!?
    cheng leong has reached new heights of internet stardom.
    hell the guy even looks like u xes. if u add a lil imagination.
    whats next ? porn with chengleongs face photoshopped on it !!!

  3. and also to add about malaysia being a copy cat nation. damn man. this is sooooooooooooo true. got a malaysian copy cat overseas because pirates are being banned locally.
    this is sooooooooo bullshit.

  4. even if he wants to copy, he should have done it in a smarter way. he’s really dumb la, to create a 100% pirated copy of this blog. fuck him.

  5. perhaps he’s just very fond of you, lelong. great fan! *hehe*
    perhaps he wanted to share what he read online with his own friends – unfortunately not in a very original way. Should just link to you so to kill your bandwidth! *hehe*

  6. Hey xes, im a long time reader of your blog but didnt have the time to comment on your post. tell you what, send an email to blogdrive and tell them about it.
    im sure blogdrive as “his” host will do something about it. if u wana sue, sue BLOGDRIVE. then they will do something.

  7. I will not be angry if he just copy the melbourne shuffle, News Articles and some pic post. We do not own the copyright to the News Article and some the photo in the photo blog. He can copy the post provided if he gives credit to the original Author. But hell, he copied my entries which are very personal such as the Football and me post. How the fucking hell, can xxess and me share the same childhood story? Worst of all, he cut and paste the whole thing without correcting all the Sentence Structuring mistake.

  8. whoally shit…I have an exam in exactly 2.5hrs. Then after reading this and checking out the imposter I laughed so hard I think whatever I studied got erased. Damn gonna fail man…see now who is going to be responsible.

  9. and he didn’t even change the RBJ referral code.
    what went through his mind when he copied the copy cat nation entry? i think he’s just.. urm… clueless.

  10. diz is wat u call “sharing”..aint sharing is caring?…im just sharing up all of your ideas…haha..rilekla….dont be mad ey frank

  11. sudah ban ka? how come cannot access that site? hehe
    but yea, its a fugly scene out there. if u have fans, ur fans will want to imitate ur every move *lol*
    take it as a compliment leongugu! ur a superstar now! hehe…

  12. In Uni we are train not to copy and plagarism….so if we do we will be banned for the whole semester. Sometimes we might end up kicked out by Uni, so if this type of cases we have learned in IT law, data protection act….This fellow is doomed man! Sue him! Sue him!

  13. phalanx: Hi xxess, i saw your email. My partner, xes will reply to your email shortly on behalf of But before that, i would like to reply to your comment. Sharing is defined by as “to use or enjoy something jointly or in turns”. Fair enough, you want to use and let the world enjoy the story of my childhood. However, you do not CARE about how i (also other member of feel. You take my childhood story and share it with the world as if it is YOUR story. You seriouly don’t CARE about my feeling. You and me, we don’t have the same life! Frankly, i am not angry but i am offended by your form of SHARING. If you want to share MY STORY and MY BLOG ENTRIES with the world, if do understand the nature of “SHARING IS CARING”, you may post it up on your site provided if you credit it to me i.e. “THIS POST WAS WRITTEN BY FRANK OF http://WWW.XES.CX, ORIGINALLY POSTED ON xx day xx month of xxxx year”

  14. louyaumike: i can sue him πŸ˜€
    nikki: yes i can sue him πŸ˜€
    yvonne: yay somebody is brushing my shoes
    leesh: yeah la, and frank’s personal experience as well. suddenly frank’s uncle haas become his uncle
    wendy: yaya but i was very shocked when i saw it
    glo: check out his about page photo la, same pose as mine wahaha
    gguni: yeah man, its quite ironic that after i posted that malaysian a copycat nation post, i caught someone copying tou
    ping~: thank u πŸ˜€
    jay: could be. see the about picture, we even have the same pose.
    zeph: frank’s gonna eat him for breakfast already
    ?: wait till you see his email to me. hehe unbelievable
    ferker: yeah la if he wants to share our ideas, he should have just linked us or give credit to us. now he knows where to get marijuana in my area too. duh
    Jimmy: hey thanks man. the website is no longer there. i wonder he removed it or blogdrive removed it πŸ˜€
    zhong: yes i can sue him πŸ˜€
    peggy: despite that, people still threaten to sue me, sobs
    Darren: yeah la, damn ironic.
    smileyface: haha sounds like the phrase from russell peters
    Ben: LOL
    Gavin: no need to study la, u sure fail one waahha come back msia and work in arinso la
    hazel: hahahah yeah, i wonder how he felt when he read the malaysia a copy nation post..the fellow is a true malaysian man..
    dilirius: he removed the websit already i think. yor superstar meh, i want to be as famous as DJ Anatta!!
    PaKap: no la, u more hensem eke
    chzehong: he removed it i think
    rych: no la, u more lengjai!
    julie: hehe feah fe femoved fhe febsite felready.
    Amos: lazy la, waste time only haha
    Mike Tee: thanks for the link man! But the fellow removed the website already la aiseh
    bent: /me throws one too

  15. pergghh…all comments headed towards me seyyy…semua pedas brbisa..iguess its the biggest molestation ever occured in our history..aint further more to say gyz except to plead forgiveness from y’all…

  16. wah i never knew piracy in malaysia can go so far hahahahahahahaha. phalanx u create history la, fucking sohai man hahahahaha.
    leong, y cannot put racist comments???? u know how much i enjoy them…..

  17. wow.. piracy even appears on blogs eh…
    what a world we are in..
    lol i feel you xes and frank.. i noticed that some people tends to copy words that i use.. like in my myspace profile.. i used a quote there and then voila! one of my friend is using it too..
    i don’t think it’s flattering at all.. it just shows how they can’t think hehhaha

  18. sighs… dicky, too bad i check this entry a lil too late. the site’s deleted liao. πŸ™
    see, the price of fame. having ppl WANTING to be like u. heh, so proud of u. πŸ˜€ *pats*

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