Zero and O Part 2

On the last occassion, i wrote about how dumb some people are in not knowing that Zero is O and O is Zero. However a few days ago, a respectable Court Clerk (at least he is to me) told me that, in Malaysia Zero is Zero…
Few days ago, i went to the Court to do some urgent extraction.
Clerk: Hello, Young man. What do you want?
me: Want to extract sealed judgement of this file. File number is O O 5.
Clerk: what what 5?
me: O O 5
Clerk: Zero Zero 5 lar!!!
me: eeer, ya
Clerk: Comon la, this is Malaysia. We don’t say O O 5. We say Zero Zero 5. OK?
me: ….
Clerk: What is the file number?
me: O…i mean Zero Zero five *cough* bastard *cough*.
ok, i didn’t call him a bastard. Young Lawyers who are rude to the Court Clerk will be made to pay a hefty price…some rumours say that your file will end up in Gombak River (the river next to the court. Is it call Gombak River?)
P.S. To xxess, this is MY story. You may post it on your site provided if you give the Credit to ME and WWW.XES.CX. Thank You.

10 thoughts on “Zero and O Part 2”

  1. actually ah, quite annoying, man… when ppl say “Oh” cos we’re talking bout numbers, not alphabetical letters, right?

  2. yea, it’s also said, never go against ur court nice be nice no matter howwwwwwwwwwwww ridiculous they are..haha
    i hate that..but what to do..
    yea, this is ur story..
    tat bak chi fella is gone la…
    don’t worry..
    we forever supporters of XES wan

  3. i still think “OH” or “zeroh” is the same to me anyways…why bother with the 2 syllables when one accidental-tone-of-OH works miracles… anyways..tatz me…a no-lawyer…

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