Counting Calories

“1 pound of fat represents 3500 calories.”
Instead of reducing your eating portions, some of the diets require you to count your calorie intake. They say that if your job does not require hard labour, less calories should be consumed – then you get to stay lean. ;P
How much calories do you really need to consume or lose weight? Check out the Calories Counter which goes according to height and weight. Consume less calories then you need and you will be able to lose some weight. ;P
Some of the calories in food:

Noooo, I love chicken thighs! So much calories!
(the meat with less calories is actually strips of bacon and turkey breast. ;P)

Check out the french fries… 10 fries is already considered sinful!
[source for the 2 lists above: go to “health” under]
A local one, although I doubt the accuracy of it:

Spaghetti bolognaise! Can you guess what meals are being referred to? ;P
So watch what you eat – avoid fastfood, if possible!


Eat thosai everyday no problem!
(I’m going to kill the person who told me that capati is healthier than roti canai! 5 calories difference!)

12 thoughts on “Counting Calories”

  1. Roti Canai will have more calories than capati definitely. These calorie scale is not accurate because they don’t calculate the amount of oil used by the mamaks when they make roti canai. High quality roti canai tho contain less oil and are lightly pan fried.
    Nasi lemak contains 230 calories only. But that is the nasi lemak biasa we’re talking about. Think about the santan they use in it and u’ll soon forget about the calories and worry about your cholestrol instead.

  2. Don’t forget the calories from the curries you put on your roti canai! I don’t get it, why does mee sup have more calories than nasi lemak??
    Food will definitely have calories, even fruits and vegetables have calories. What you shouldn’t be taking too much of is animal fat and too much processed food.
    You can eat all the above, just limit your portions ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. haiya as long as u do intense exercise, u dun hav to worry much about eating most of the fatty food.. so head for the gym..

  4. boi……….
    chicken breast contains a lot of calories….
    “yi ying bou ying”…..haha….for gals !
    do exercise,go gym,build up ur stamina to create better future,HAHAHA…sound so healthy,alamak !

  5. Thrillseeker: i hardly exercise… i mean, bedxercise don’t count much…. ;P
    electonicfly: i really want to go to the jogoya buffet again, man!! ;P~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    cnigel: as we grow older, either we buck on exercise or watch what we eat. since i hardly have the time to exercise, have to be careful with food instead. ;P
    iv’N: but beware of constipation ๐Ÿ˜‰
    jas: gym cheat money!!!! so expensive one. have to pay for parking some more. but fun la, go with friends, hehe. and look at people.

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