Crete island, Greece

Hi! I’m geared back to blogging once again. About a couple of weeks ago, I re-visited the Crete island in Greece. HrM..I was there about 2 years ago. I love this place to bits. Don’t ask me why I ended up at the same island again when there are clusters of them in Greece. .err..simply because we are the infamous last-minute holiday maker? My dad has been trying to break me outta this habit for years but it hasn’t sunk in. No-la, I’m addicted to the beach, bumming around at the beach, making sandcastles, and wearing clothes that dad doesn’t like ;p Most importantly, a break-free from the hustle and bustle of the city of London. We took a full day to arrange our holiday ( yes, we planned to leave the next day :D) and we had all sorts of incredible ideas of where to go..places like Istanbul, Prague, Spain..The next thing we know, we were 30,000 feet above clouds 😀 I�ve got to admit, our trip was a blasts, and Crete island..really took my breath away!

Here you go, some photos for you guys..

Let’s drown here, no? 😀

maybe this one?

Chuo ming caught a crab! Bravo ;P

Greek architecture


Pretty..pretty memories 😀

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  1. xes…………………Muahahahahahahhahaa*evil laughter wif lightnin and thunder in da background*

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