17 thoughts on “What is the purpose of life?”

  1. couldn’t agree more with dion. AAHahaHA. seriously, are u really trying to seek for answer? or is it just for us to spite u?

  2. General paper, Evidence, Professional pratice, Criminal Procedure, Civil Procedure….CLP…CLP…CLP…fail..fail…pass…pass…Aaaaaaaaaaaa…..life sucks!

  3. irenekay: aiseh..typical chinese lady la u ahahah frank: oooo..same here.. YUMMIE: eh hello u think its easy to blog everyday ah..need alot of brain power and creativity u knwo hehe cherly: and fengtau!! obqulie: ahh well said 😀

  4. life sucks living under a third world government who is oppressing the indian and chinese. Don’t come begging when there are not enough GOOD lawyer. Go import some indonesia, stupid government! Fuck the C.LP b0ard! Fuck the sub standard B4r C0uncil of malays1a.

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