My boss is out for a meeting so here I am again!! Blogging these days is so exhilarating coz you know how it is, to be quietly typing really fast while stealing glances around you for some busy-body colleague or some sort, minimising the window when someone comes a tad too near or amuse yourself even by visualizing the security guards twisting your arm to the back and pushing you out of the office for blogging. (Technically, there is nothing in the company policy that states that I can?t blog, but then again, I was looking out for the word ?blog? and I dunno if the word ?blog? actually exists as a proper word just yet)

My sis is leaving in 2 days. And I?m really breaking down. I couldn?t get a half-day off work to send her off at the airport so I have to settle for the awkward goodbyes in the car before she goes to the airport. While she will be back in 4 months time for her hols, having her away for 4 months is going to be pure hell. The house will be harshly quiet now without her blasting her Stevie Wonder songs, without her daily whines (whining about what? Oh that depends on the day of the week), without the dog and her shouting at each other and see who gets tired first and of course, nowhere to run to when the going gets tough. A phone call away, yes? but sometimes, it?s the comfortable conversations that goes on between two close-knit sisters where no coherent words were actually spoken but yet, you walk out feeling blessed to have someone there for you no matter what. :?(

Moving away from such glum issuettes, I had lunch at McD33?s today and I never knew they had Chicken McD3luxe, so I gave it a try. Reminds me of the Zing3r though. And damnit, Pr0sperity Burger is out once again but they have it only in beef!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why couldn?t they have it in chicken??? All my colleagues today ordered it and were really rubbing it in. Apparently there was chicken last year but tak laku. I don?t care if it was tak laku but I wasn?t around last year!! Come to think of it, THAT?S WHY tak laku-la? Hah! Menyesal!

(About the occasional spatter of Malay in this post, it comes with having to translate every article I have to write into Malay and not just our ordinary Malay but corporate Malay lingo. So much that my boss threw one of my earlier translations out coz it was too ‘pasar. Right. *goes and digs out Dwi-bahasa from bygones ago)

Ok boss is back, gotta ciao. CIAO!

6 thoughts on “cwapedelics…”

  1. kepada saudara chuoming, anda dipersilakan untuk menambah saya di kawanster. email saya kepada saudari wendee pula, walaupun burger kebahagian dan burger ayam mcdeluxe sedap, mereka tidak dapat menandingi kesedapan burger double keju. mmm sEeeDaaPPNYA!!

  2. Burger kebahagiaan?!?!?muahaaAAHAHAHAH!!!double keju???ahahahaha!!! Those are the funniest translation I’ve ever come across!mauahaAAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

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