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New session for pre-school, Primary and Secondary school start today. The pre-school nearby my house was packed with parents but the one opposite my house was totally empty. I guess they have to close down soon.

Couple of my colleagues took the day off cause they had to send their kids to school. I don’t know about other countries but in Malaysia, parents tend to stick around in the school or stand outside the classroom. But during my days, my parents didn’t hang around.

I vaguely remember my first day of Pre-school. Mum dumped me in a classroom and left me there alone. I was crying for mummy! It was so bad till the teacher had to transfer me to another class.

I have very limited recollection of my pre-school days. But I surely remember these two incidents.
1. There was this kid who challenged me for a game of arm wrestling. I won. But I accidentally knocked his hand on the desk too hard and ended up crying. I quickly ran after that.
2. Another time was during the last day of pre-school. A friend of mine was waving goodbye from a slide (probably about 6 feet high). I waved and looked front. Then I look back again. He wasn’t on top of the slide anymore. Apparently, he waved too hard and fell on to the ground. Haha.

Well, as for first day of Primary school. Er..I don’t remember. Damn too much weed.

What was your first day like? 😀

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  1. Hey xes, 1st day already u big bully ar. Wah…..Big tai koh.When my uni opens soon, can u come wif me to protect me?????

  2. i remember thinking.. OHMYGOD, where did all these kids come from?!?! we had a packed classroom, and i think my mum just left me there! but i wasn’t a cry baby like you leong!

  3. I’m a kindergarten drop-out 😀 I demanded that my mum to sit BESIDE me for the whole of SEMESTER! yes..She got fed up and i had to quit 😛

  4. yummie why u so sadist one? :Ppenny: f4..haih..hahaha gguni: much u gonna pay me for protecting u la..i run security service company 😀 lola: yau ying ah..kekesewlee: then in primary school? mother there also? ehhe

  5. iishhh… no mer… CUTE mar… you know, when i see some cutiez crying, then i feel like seksek them one wor… not SADIST lar!!!!

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