Dangdut music

Last week, Jane and I took a ferry to Pangkor Island. Our ship was top class, as it has two televisions and air con. Jane didnt feel sea sick.
However, it has too many flies flying around and they were playing some stupid DANGDUT music (Malay dance music). It went something like this,
Aku orang kecil, (I am a small person)
Awak orang besar, (You are a big person)
Kau ibarat gajah, (You are like elephant)
And continued with something along the lines of “I’m like an ant”. I wonder if the songwriter is still in primary school.

11 thoughts on “Dangdut music”

  1. oh my gosh! the horror of the dangdut songs, you get them almost everywhere u go haha, can’t imagine if they try to play metal and dangdut hmm dangdut metal??? O_O can’t imagine that, dangdut is already bad enough hahaha

  2. wahahahhahahahaha~~ i cant stop laughing at the mtv… it looks so IN man!!
    ooopsss, i can even see FLOWERS around… looks so luxury!! must be a very expensive trip =P

  3. l: we had no choice but to listen to it…
    fishfish: donno how to do the joget shuffle la hehe
    simon: err..mmmm its cool..but the video i watched was horrible..hehe
    Gavin: i know u’ll be amused la keke
    YUMMIE: ehehehe it wasnt an expensive trip la. thats the only boat they have!!
    Darren: wait till u hear iban dance music la. hehehe

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