Trip to Muar

Muar is a busty town located at the south of Peninsula Malaysia. It’s history traces back down to 1400s, before the establishment of Malacca.

I was given the opportunity to attend court at Muar. I had to wake up at 4AM in order to get there on time!
I have heard stories about how lawyers are well respected in small towns. In Kuala Lumpur, you’ll get some respect, but not much. But today’s experience convinced me that small town lawyers get more respect than Kuala Lumpur. While walking out of court, I had this army officer saluting me!!!

Then another thing worth mentioning was the parking fee. In Kuala Lumpur, parking fees usually cost about RM2 or more. But today’s fee in Muar was

60 CENTS !!!

Where the CRAP can you get 60 CENTS parking in Kuala LUMPUR?!?!?!

My eyes were O_O when the parking attended told me about price.

Since Lynnzter is from Muar, I called her up for directions and THE place to eat. She recommended chicken rice ball somewhere near a Levis Shop. It took me a long time to find it!! I circled the entire town, crossing a faggot looking street with pre-war buildings (1920s). They were all painted PINK!!!

Despite that, it was well worth it. The chicken rice ball was fantastic. Initially I thought the thing that was supposed to be rolled into a ball was the chicken meat. But in fact it was the rice. LOL

Since it’s a novelty for me, I had to peep at people on the next table to see the way to eat it. They put in thick soya sauce and also otak-otak!! W00t!!

Driving back was a HUGE HUGE hassle. With a satisfying lunch and lack of sleep, I had to drive 200 plus KMs to get back to KL. I almost fell asleep.

Things got worst when I realised that I was running out of petrol. The petrol light was on and the pin was almost touching the bottom. I was so stressed till I prayed to seek help from all gods, from Buddha, Allah, Jesus, Vishnu and so on.

I was full of relieve when I saw a rest stop. As I was about to jump in joy, I realised that all the rest stop had was a bloody toilet. Images of me crying and a tow truck operator chucking in joy were playing on my mind. I had to drive very slowly. Soon, I find heavy vehicles zipping past me.

Then another rest stop appeared. All it had was a toilet as well.

I soon realised that there wouldn’t be a petrol station within my reach along the highway. I swerved into Seremban to look for a petrol station.

I was so full of relieve when I saw a Shell petrol station. But it only lasted for few moments, the Shell petrol station is still under CONSTRUCTION….

However, my agony ended few minutes after that. I found a Pro-Jet station few blocks away from the Shell Station. Ahhh..the sense of relieve was indescribable.

18 thoughts on “Trip to Muar”

  1. simon: u r from seremban ah??? hhmm… i dont recall good mee rebus in seremban.. but then i’m not familiar with the south town area.

  2. pikey, its next street of the chicken rice shop wut? means muar la right? kehkehkeh… u r overworked man. take the rest of the day off. go have some chicken soup.

  3. Wah..i also wan2 go Muar…famous for otak-otak…never tried d chicken rice ball there..but d one in Melaka quite nice…last time i went on a roadtrip was goin up to PD from JB for day trip…next time if yur comin down nearer to JB juz inform me…can meet u..:P

  4. geee…i’m damn hungree now man!! and u r tempting me with rice ball lar..brainz (otak2) la…sinful man!!
    and i’m working l8…urggh

  5. galferari: actually the trip to muar was last week, too lazy to change the details.hhe
    pikey: yeah la, work too much is it. he was talking about muar wei hehe
    mongo: i had chicken rice balls with otakotak wei!! w000t!!!
    flint: i prefer the chicken rice ball in muar! which part of johor u from ah
    dsaint: yeah al pikey blur already hehe
    lilms: hehe i drove with half tank ler..didnt know it will finish so fast!
    gguni: if i can smell those flowers ah, i’ll have to recite allahuabha amithaba halleluyah and so on..
    simon: eh? malay food? my friend said the nasi beryani near the ocbc bank is good as well
    mary: yup!! good ol projet!!
    Lydia: you’re not the only lydia here la alo

  6. Hi,
    The army(or may be an police general operation unit, formerly police field force) guy must have mistaken you for a Govt. court official, else do you think as a lawyer buruk you are entitled to a salute?
    BTW, I was searching for the best route to reach Muar, is that exit thru’ Tangkak or, others? your reply is much appreciated.

  7. Hi Xes,
    Take no offence, I am a lawyar too.
    But just to remind all of us, lawyer in Malaysia society doesn’t has very high reputation, because it took only answering 64 questions to become a lawyer.
    BTW, I have gone to Muar and come back, going out thru Tangkak, quite a good road, except first few Km are winding. Stayed at Classic hotel, real value for money.

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