Danny Tenaglia @ ZOUK KL – 30.12.2006

The claimed DJs of all DJs, Danny Tenaglia was scheduled to play a 5 hours set at ZOUK KL on 30.12.2006. Danny Tenaglia was one of the first few DJs that I know when I first started clubbing. That was like more than 9 years ago. Therefore, seeing him play live is an opportunity not to be missed. I heard that when he spins, he doesn’t want any strangers near his console.

His set was scheduled to start at 10PM and we (Sow, Melvin, Sharon Dilirius and I) got in a little bit late. We got there around 1030PM but there was no crowd.

Instead of waiting for the crowd, we got a barrel of beer (2 1/2 jugs) for RM70 at Terrence Bar and spent an hour or more at that place. Melvin’s friend Sathya joined us thereafter.

Instead of going back to ZOUK, we ended in Velvet with a bottle of Black Label, grinding to R&B music. So much for Danny Tenaglia!

Sow, Melvin, Sathya and I shared a bottle of Black Label. Prior to entering Velvet, we stood at the counter to chip in money.

Sow: By our moneys combined, we get drunk!! (read it aloud in the Captain Planet ‘by your powers combined, I am Captain Planet‘ tune)

We managed to grab a table for ourselves. The table was quite small and all of us wanted to walk around the place. We had to take turns to take care of the table while some of us walked around the place to say hi to friends.

Opposite our table was another bald guy (botak) with glasses who looks similar to Sow.

While drinking, we saw one chick making out with the bald guy. Sow immediately got off from him chair and screamed:-

Sow: Botak guy, you’re my hero!!

Then one tall Turkish (or was it Egyptian?) guy kept on harassing us. At one point we grabbed Sow by the neck and forced whisky onto his throat!

Turkish guy & Sow.

My aim of seeing Danny Tenaglia play was all in vain. Nevertheless, the night out at Velvet was awesome and a burnt wallet.

8 thoughts on “Danny Tenaglia @ ZOUK KL – 30.12.2006”

  1. bimbobum: dont have 😛
    galferari&zhong: happy new year!
    amos: i think we should limit the number that people can scream la. keke comments beyond no 4, cannot scream zomg.

  2. DT was madness wei!
    while u guys were bz gettin drunk i had DT make my night hehe..
    he started djing when some of us wasn’t even born yet. and he’s still here rocking it. shld see him play in miami for 12 hrs or more straight…

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