Feng Shui – A Way of Life

What the heck is FENG SHUI all about? You hear it so often until you’re bored with it. I’ve got friends and their parents who are firm believers of it.
It began as a Chinese practice of arranging things and space around to enhance harmony with the environment. It also involves the philosophical, astrological, mathematical and religious elements of the person, for example, your Chinese astrology animal, and your birthdate and time of birth, your sun sign, etc …. A lot of stuff!
I realised my friend has a lot of feng shui stuff in her house.
I asked her, “What’s this thing for?” as I pointed to a dangling thing.
She’d reply, “I dunno.I forgot.”
“What about this?” I asked, as I pointed to the yellow cat.
“Er, you know that one. The cat that welcomes wealth …. that a lot of Chinese shops have at their cashier counter?” She answered.
“Hmmmm.” I was not entirely convinced that it worked.
“So, you’re expecting money to walk through your door?” I asked.
She gave a sheepish shrug.

She even has magazines for feng shui tips! But she tells me that her parents bought it, and she doesn’t read it. I can believe that, because when I picked it up, it was covered with dust. ;P
That 3 ancient coins tied together, if kept in your wallet or purse, helps create wealth opportunity, or something like that. I can’t remember, I read it somewhere. ;D
The arrangement of many things can lead to good feng shui. For example, the direction the main door of your house is facing, which direction you’re facing when you sit in your room in the office, where toilets in your house are situated, which direction you’re facing when you’re sleeping and a lot more.
Leading feng shui ‘masters’ in Malaysia who both have been on tv are Lilian Too and Joey Yap. If I’m not mistaken, Joey Yap is pretty young and not as commercialised as Lilian Too.
Even the western countries believe in feng shui. They’ve got consultation for building feng shui. [link] Nowadays, architecture and real estate are often linked with feng shui, too!

11 thoughts on “Feng Shui – A Way of Life”

  1. hehehe..the yellow cat’s name is fei fei and is different from the one shop owners use.
    The ones shop owners use is a japanese fortune cat. the waving paw symbolised the “lai lai come in” move so more customers will go into their shop.
    I have no idea what the yellow cat is for, except reminding me how to spell my name. lol.=D

  2. i wanna flip out and beat that lilian too bird in the face. i mean if her fengsui was so awesome im sure it would have some effect against a rampaging bald person.

  3. fengshui.
    came across this programme on late night british tv on how to get pregnant the fengshui way.
    it was reallly… 0_o
    you had 4 matsallehs, 2 (the fengshui gurus) and 2 (the couple trying for a kid) lying on a bed. in a straight row. stark naked. doing exercises (lifting both legs straight up and down) which according to fengshui, will get you pregnant.

  4. deliriouslybored: WAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! that’s like bomoh black magic, not feng shui!!!!
    eeep: and in the USA as well, if i’m not mistaken ;P
    dogma: doesn’t matter, people can still tell you’re 26 by the look of your hands what ;D

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