Deep Dish @ Shooting Valley, Glenmarie

KENT clubbers decided to throw a year-end party for its members so they hired Deep Dish to spin at Shooting Valley, a commercial studio. By the way it was free but it?s invites only. About 1100 plus people attended the rave.

In the beginning, the music sucked due to the cock DJ they hired. But towards the end, Deep Dish played a good set. I thought he would suck too!

Before the rave, they had a contest. All prizes were above RM1000! Guess what, Gayvin won a Nokia handphone! Ryan on the other hand got himself a Tag Heueur watch!

Gay people have better luck than us heterosexuals. Furthermore, they gave out a Prada Bag too. A guy won it. I bet by the end of the night, he has girls all around him.

Unfortunately, the place was too small and it was super duper ultimately hot! Furthermore, the place has only 2 fans. You could sweat just by standing still. The carpet was wet too. I think it was due to human sweat, EUW.

The night ended with supper with Abby Lu. I got home at 6AM.

Picture courtesy of Sui Lin

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