Christmas time!!!!!

Tick.tock.tick.tock…The long awaited moment has finally arrived!!! Woohoooooo!! It’s the Christmas vacation once again! After being put through 2 and ½ months of sheer madness of intensive studying routine, it is definitely time for a good break. Day in day out, nothing but work work and more work, which seems like I’m close to having a mental breakdown. That’s how mundane one life can be when they are doing the BVC. The bottom line is..I can’t wait to fucking graduate!! Nevermind the fact that I’ll be a soon- to- be unemployed barrister, as long as I lead a stress-free life, i’ll be happy 😀 At the mo, Let’s just move away from this nasty topic…

Ok-la, I gotta at least give my life some credits. My housemate and I finally decided to throw a party last night. After having talked about it since the first day we moved into the flat, we finally did it. One of the highlights of the night was the DARE session. Yes, was your brilliant idea ;p Alex could never run away from his famous hokkien songs. He had to stand on the street in the cold, singing out loud his renowned hokkien song so that we could all hear him from the top of my flat. Everyone agreed that he had done a damn good job by entertaining us across the street 😀 I’m sure he wouldn’t mind showing off his talent a lil’ more if he need not freeze his ass off in that cold winter night. Another classic dare, cm had a half of a wine bottle shaft in his pants and the other half sticking out from his half zipped pants. Like he said, it looked like an unrealistic 15- inched long erection 😀 At the end of the night, it was all good fun and humour.

Mama and Papa will be arriving at the land of pee ( sweet scent of England 😛 hey the streets of England smells of pee!! ) tomorrow afternoon. Unlike previous years Christmas celebration, this year will be special with the presence of family warmth.. gee..I’m getting all christmasy…….i am Walking in a winter wonderlandddd…:P Merry X’mas everyone!!

gheecmi (14k image)
ghee,myself,chuo ming

ladies (16k image)
the ladies..

alex (9k image)
Alex singing his hokkien songs at gray’s inn road

shanemci (15k image)
Meng choo, shane and I


10 thoughts on “Christmas time!!!!!”

  1. girl, damn u look GOOD!!! :Dand chuoming, why u look so thin already-wan… and ghee look damn different-la without the hair. is tat the same ghee-ar?

  2. truth or dare? ehhehe nothing beats siewlee and wendee’s lesbian actt!!! ekekecm lost weight? no more double chin ah ahahahhaa

  3. thin? yalor been starving myself in an attempt to achieve nirvana. yes that is the same ghee…. wait where did u see ghee before?

  4. hahaha hc fantastic observation man, maybe he KO before party started.mindy be nice wei, remember u had a crush on him when he had long unkempt hair.

  5. eii, yes la, as much as i had a crush on every goddamn guy with long unkempt hair right? yeaaahh, on top of my list is that stenchy rasta man who roams the streets of bangsar in the mid-afternoons, damn onZ..(like how frank would put it), muahahhaha…

  6. leong: maallllooouuu… still wanna bring tat up mehhh ;)chuoming: we stayed over ur cousins’ apartment, remember?hey mindy!!! 😀

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