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Dad doesn’t seems happy with me going back to Malaysia this Easter break.
1. The Iraq war may erupt any moment now. The war may disrupt your flight from KL to Man. And you are heading to Man for your final exam.
Your final exam should be your top priority, and you should avoid any thing that may jeopadise the exam.

2. There is now a pneumonia epidemic in the Fare East, and the government has issued a travel warning. Need to monitor the situation closely.

It will be better if you stay put until your final exam is over.
It seems that the pneumonia epidemic has spread to UK. The newspaper reported that they found someone traveling from HK transiting from Amsterdam had a ‘mysterious disease’. However, it wasn’t revealed what disease was. So far, there have been 9 reported cases of death. Furthermore, the epidemic has spread to South East Asia. Vietnam seems to be the worst with few hundred victims and 1 death. Japan has sent in their medical team to help out.

On Tuesday, the number of suspected cases in Hong Kong rose to 123, from 95 on Monday. Singapore suspects 23 people have the illness, while Vietnam counts nearly 60.

Australia is examining its first suspected case among 20 patients who returned from trips to Asia.

Other countries reporting suspected cases are China, Canada, the Philippines, Thailand, Germany and the United States.

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  1. it’s the bird flu thingi again lur, shit man i heard 6 pll died are from Singapore. People on holiday in Hong Kong. cause Hon Hing’s gf’s mom is living in HK. she was told bout this.marhem it would b great for u 2 come back. but at this situation it’s better for u to think twice. unless u take private jet. to steal from somewhere la. hhaha

  2. My uncle from HK send me this email regarding the pneumonia:Thank you for your concern. There is widespread panic in Hong Kong, with people disbelieving what the Government tells them. The debate is whether this unidentifed virus is air-borne or spread by droplets. The Hong Kong Government believes in the later, which has some justification. The reason being that the source in Hong Kong is a patient who was admitted to the hospital here. This person, who has now recovered, had most probably picked it up from China, where the Authorities denied, covered up and refused to call in the WHO and the CDC (typical Communist fear of losing face). All the medical personnel who looked after this patient were infected and they spread it to people close to them, such as colleagues and family members. Many other patients sharing the ward with that patient were not affected. This would tend to rule out the air-borne theory. So far 90 percent of the cases can be traced to one hospital. The other cases found in other hospitals and the community tend to be isolated cases, most likely infected while in direct and close contact with affected people in or from China or the first hospital.There is a great demand for masks. You may wish to get some now in case the panic spreads to Malaysia. The only good one against virus is N95 made by 3M.

  3. This is a circular issued by the HK government on precaution steps to prevent getting the flu:Protecting yourself againstRespiratory Tract InfectionsAs a precautionary measure members of the public are advised to take the following actions:Build up good body immunity. This means taking a proper diet, having regular exercise and adequate rest, reducing stress and avoiding smokingMaintain good personal hygiene. Cover nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing Keep hands clean and wash hands properly. Use liquid soap for hand washing and disposable towel for drying handsWash hands when they are dirtied by respiratory secretions e.g. after sneezingDo not share towelsKeep home environment clean, and cleanse furniture properlyMaintain good indoor ventilationAvoid visiting crowded places with poor ventilationConsult your doctor promptly if you develop respiratory symptomsCaring for sick family members with respiratory tract infections:Persons who are unwell should consult a doctorThey should follow instructions given by the doctor including the use of drugs as prescribed and taking adequate rest as appropriateAdhere to good personal hygiene practicesPatients should put on masks to reduce the chance of spread of infection to caretakersCaretakers may also put on masks to reduce the chance of acquiring infection through the airwaysDepartment of Health17 March 2003

  4. thank you frank for your contribution. hehecrishai, mahai dont care la, i think i’ll just go home. i think this issue will be resolved in no time.dion: i’m afraid that when i fly over arab, someone shoots my plane down. mch

  5. If I don’t fly back, I’ll be as good as dead before the flu even struck me. I really hope I can see a missle flying by my plane. Never seen a missle before. I also want if my plane got Mayday.. that is also one hell of experience eh? Sure damn onz one.

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