bf-less sensei and basketball

hehe, Ando sensei, my Japanese language lecturer, said something about she doesn’t have a boyfriend and asked us what should we do to help her. Obviously, her purpose of asking that question was to improve our conversation skill in Japanese but maybe she needed more idea on how to get a boyfriend here. Anyway, Alex suggested that she advertise in the newspaper. And others suggested that she could find one at the student union and so on. I said, “Alex san wa ii desu ka”. She didn’t understand me but Alex obviously did. My question was actually, “Is Alex good for her?” hehe Alex was pretty crossed about it.

I bumped into one of my Employment Law seminar group mates while walking to King Edward’s school to play basketball. She’s one of Helena’s (my Employment Law partner) friends. She’s quite pretty even though she has long curly blonde hair (I dislike curly hair). I had a short chat with her. However, CM, Chee Feng and Frederick were behind me while I was talking to her. I can hear them shouting, “oi, intro la!!” many times.

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