Do Men Have Biological Clocks?

I’m sure they do.
I used to wonder why some girls I know got hitched with the new boyfriends the minute they jump out of a long-term relationship. I used to ponder so hard, “Why so soon? How do they know that the person is the one?”
We’re talking about a new relationship that is less than a year!
A long-term relationship of 4-7 years is no joke, and to get out of one due to irreconcilable differences is a harsh eye-opener that he or she cannot be the one you will be walking down the aisle with.
But what makes the next person the One you want to walk down the aisle with? Is it because he or she is ready to settle down and start a family with you? Or honestly speaking, you want to get out of singlehood permanently?
Age is always a factor. The old generation’s thinking that women should not be pregnant once they’re above 30 is slowly dying.
Well, unless, your great grandmother is still waiting for you to get that bun in the oven.
Do men worry about being a bachelor for life, once when they hit 35? Do they become desperate to get married, for fear that they’ll always be alone? Surely they do! I mean, that’s what make them propose to their new girlfriend within a year of courtship/relationship, right? ;D
Gee, I’m talking crap on a rainy Sunday evening.

9 thoughts on “Do Men Have Biological Clocks?”

  1. Do men have biological clocks? – Yes, they have inevitable erectile dysfunctionalism (aka powerlessness). Boys (men), sow your oats before that happens.
    Why do some girls jump into a relationship immediately after coming out of a long term relationship? – Fresh feeling (meat) / already two timing before that.
    Worry about being a bachelor for life? If I had i) money ii) power iii) looks that got better as I matured iv) charisma, then heck no, play the field as long as you want. If I have none of the above, then be afraid, be very afraid, and pray damn hard some dumb broad falls for me.

  2. Some men just want to have a peaceful life, a home to go to where there will be kid running around. To think of that…. imagine….. when you come from a tiring day at work…. then you little toddler come running to you playing with you…. and all your stress vanished.
    How good is that?

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