Malaysia Dog Olympic Day – Central Park, Bandar Utama 27.5.2007

The Malaysia Dog Olympic Day was held at the Central Park at 1 Utama. They had one competition by the name “Purina One 30 Days Challenge”. In this competition, the dog owners must feed their dogs Purina One for 30 days and show how has Purina One affects their dogs. Winner of this competition walks off with cool RM10, 000 in cash!
I could have just taken a picture of an ugly mongrel and then head to a pet shop on the 30th day and purchase a nice dog to present it to the judges. However, dog owners must record their dog’s development from Purina One everyday. 😛
The competition was also endorsed by Radio DJs from Mix Fm, Serena C and Pietro and also MyFM DJ, Lam Tak Wing.

The competition was won by 2 girls. They were presented with 2 mock cheques and soon thereafter, photographers lunged towards them to take pictures.

And I was one of them.

Another winner.
Many dog owners brought their dogs along, mostly pedigree. Some are well behaved but some went crazy. My personal favourite would be St Bernard.

One small dog went up to a St Bernard to smell the latter. The St Bernard turned around and bit the small dog. Wahaha However, the small dog got so furious that it started barking loudly and tried to lunge towards the St Bernard. Fortunately, both owners of the small dog and the St Bernard were there to control the situation. St Bernard would wh00p the small dog’s ass anytime.
They also had all sorts of competition for dog owners. Very interesting.

Ready, Get set…



I smell you, you smell me..we are one big happy family..

SPCA (or was it PAWS?) set up a booth. They were selling all sorts of stuff to raise funds. They also had dogs and cats there for people to adopt on the spot.


scoop da pooop bitches!

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