Don’t Be Too Calculative!

On Monday, The Star highlighted Tun Dr M’s advice to us young working generation:

“Don’t be too calculative about salaries and the number of hours you put in at work.
When you step out into the working environment, you must work hard. Don’t be too calculative about the number of hours you work and the salary.
Dr Mahathir said sooner or later, those who worked hard would reap their just reward.”

Won’t we be taken for granted and used and abused and never see the “reward” for it? How many years are we to wait and reap the reward?
Food for thought
1. Some benefits are minimal – some don’t have insurance or medical cover. Is that OK?
2. According to the Employment Act 1955 if we are employees of less than 2 years, we have a pitiful entitlement of 8 days annual leave. Is that OK? What if we work hard and we’re not entitled to overtime pay? So I slog for 365 – 8 = 357 days a year. Oh wait, I forget. I make use of the 14 days worth of medical leave. Hmmmmm
3. The cost of living has increased – petrol, electricity, telephone bills, parking, mamak food, food, etc; but our salaries are still pitifully low. How can we not be calculative? Mileage claim has not even been adjusted by some companies since the price of petrol went up! Wait, today’s NST reports that toll charges will be going up soon, too!
I think only the low paying companies and companies who enjoy promising their employees nothing (you heard “oh, one day you will make it to the top.” for the past 3 years!) would appreciate his comment.
If we shouldn’t be calculative about the hours and our salaries, then employers should please increase the benefits. You want us to look smart at work but our salaries are unable to cover our shopping bills for necessities. I brush my teeth only once a day, to save on toothpaste. ;P

10 thoughts on “Don’t Be Too Calculative!”

  1. Maybe Tun is talking about working to learn and one day coming out to become self-employed. E.g. I would be willing to work for non-monetary rewards if I could work for a weekend motorsports team, or say undergo an apprenticeship with my ideal interest.
    For those who want to climb the corporate ladder. Or those on normal jobs to support a family etc. etc.. Well, The reward-vs-punishment dynamics apply. Wages here (Malaysia) are honestly pathetic. Trouble is, workers’ unions here are not strong and therefore, there is are no credible individuals to stand-up and negotiate worker’s salaries every year, unlike those in western capitalist economies. Yes, inflation is stagerring.
    If many of us who study overseas spend a few hundred grand for a degree, how long must we work before we get our “so-called” investment back. In other words, what is our ROI. If pay and worker’s aprreciation is better overseas. Then guys, don’t listen to TUN….
    Sometimes, we have to think of ourselves..

  2. Tun M has his good and bad side. Badawi also the same.
    Anyone watched Siti Nurhaliza’s wedding reception on TV last Monday nite?? Tun M was sitting next to Najib…. they were like bigtime enemy sitting next to each other, nothing to talk, not looking at each other, no gestures. That was funny.

  3. endroo G : i was there working as a programmer, or sort of, go there kacau only..but i saw them talking lol, if we’re in a cartoon world we can see bubble thoughts ade…saying smth bad abut each other…

  4. AHLOKKOR: heh. yeah, i was just being shallow when i wrote that. ;P but to be self-employed in the near future you need to save up money for capital. sooo… money is the root of all problems ;P
    yucks!: chairman mao never brushed his teeth but chewed on tea leaves only. his teeth is worse.
    karheng: hehe. no la. are you nuts? of course i brush my teeth very frequently. ;P
    pokai: ;P
    endroo G: u watched????? not bad! hehe. i didn’t
    Abalon: shhhh! no sensitive political mentions/comments here ;P you never know, everything is considered sensitive

  5. XES-sama… if this thing chat ere… will we detained under ISA? since u r lawyer i think only u can answer us… lolz… well… no offence

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