Doraemon’s Ending – Part III

I blogged about Doraemon’s ending here and here.

I found another fan who created another ending for the Doraemon comic series. Not exactly Doraemon’s ending. More like Nobita’s ending.

(Read from left to right)

If you dont understand the story, it’s basically about Doraemon getting fed-up with Nobita and purportedly gave him a gadget that will help Nobita. All Nobita has to do is put the gadget into his mouth and pull the trigger.

Bang, it’s a real gun.

13 thoughts on “Doraemon’s Ending – Part III”

  1. Bombobum: Ur head la!. If Doraemon (Killermon) belong to the same gang as Pokemon, then u can never leave out Digimon.
    btw.. why all these cartoon ended with MON? is it suppose to mean Monster? DoraeMonster, PokeMonster & DigiMonster. Funny!

  2. i have posted a updated version of the end above, and it is a colored and gorier than before as blood splatches have been liberally added. it can be vieved upon deviant art

    the name is- DORAEMON’S FINAL SOLUTION .The text is in hindi as in my country doraemon comes on hungama tv. have posted translation for those who need it

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