Say You Love Me!

A cousin and I were talking over coffee the other day. She told me that once, her boyfriend got mad at her for not saying “I Love You” in return. She always say, “Yeah, same here…” in reply. ;D
She and the boyfriend even got into an argument once!
“WHY CAN’T YOU JUST SAY IT TO ME???” the boyfriend yelled at her.
I told her I had the same problem before as I wasn’t comfortable with saying “Love You” to end each phone call with boyfriends. Don’t know why!
But it’s not fair, isn’t it, when we have informed the boyfriends that we are not comfortable saying those 3 words as easily as calling them “darling” or “honey”, yet we are “forced” to say them after a while. ;D
Once, I was very sleepy and one boyfriend said, “Love You…” to end our telephone conversation. I automatically said, “Thank you!”
He wasn’t too happy about it. ;D
Then again, we’d probably throw tantrums and sulk and assume that our boyfriends don’t love us enough when they don’t tell us they love us. ;D Boys can never win!

16 thoughts on “Say You Love Me!”

  1. Haha…”THANK YOU”, good one. Your reply to “love you” made it seem so casual.
    Did that person say, “Your welcome” afterward?

  2. Scuzzy: HAHA, no! He said, “Thank you???? What sort of reply is that??!”
    xes: that’s playing a role of a dominatrix lor. ;D
    devilishaz: not related to saying “I Love You” also! ;D
    blah: so does everyone love men who are pussies? ;P
    visitor: chiew! girls also can win what, by dumping the guy and saying, “No, I don’t love you!!”
    fr0stie: i was only 14 lehhhh, still quite angelic at that time!

  3. thats fine. if i want to be mean… f**k her and record our xes session. not finish yet! dump all my loads into her and make her pregnant. blur my face in video and upload to internet. when she found out that she is pregnant, i will just tell her… “that is my gift to you. i will visit u & the baby once in a while but dont put high hope on it. btw, another gift to u… go to to check out our xes video. if u r lucky, some film company might hire u to be their star. when u become famous…dont forget me k.”

  4. good. dump me..i will get over it in a short time. abortion? imagine the trauma she suffer. u think abortion so nice ar. Dr insert the damn tube and suck the fetus out. gross!! after-effect.. 20-40% chances of next pregnancy. anyway.. im not that bad k. remember. what goes around comes around!

  5. That’s the second time I’ve heard of someone saying ‘thank you’ after receiving a ‘i love you’.

  6. at least u said thank you. I made a big mistake by saying “hahahah…why are you being so corny now”. Needless to say he wasn’t very happy. Sometimes some people aren’t good with those three words. I just happen to be one of them. 🙁 So saying thank you is probably good enough? o_O

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