“I don’t know you but I dream of you every night…”
– Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates

I was watching this movie while dosing off to sleep when this line suddenly hit me – this happens to me too!

For the past 10 years of my life, I have been dreaming of a particular person occasionally. However, the weird thing is I can never remember his exact face when I wake up. Somehow, I do know it’s him when I do dream of him. How bizarre is that?!?

These dreams are very real. I can even touch, feel and sense things. It’s almost like a reality. Except sometimes, the ‘story line’ can be quite ‘kua cheong’ (exaggerated); I can do flying kicks and other stunts I’ve never even come across in reality. It thus makes me wonder – do I actually know him? You know, like Drew Barrymore in this movie actually knows the man she dreams of every night but just can’t remember who he is because she suffers from the Goldfield syndromme – a permanent short-term memory loss. Although I have been awarded ‘The Blur Queen’ title, I certainly do not suffer from any brain damage, rest assured.

Because of these dreams too, I am beginning to realise why my relationships never work out. It is simply because he is just not the guy of my dreams.

And after all these years I thought I have commitment problems, sigh!!
*no, just joking!

11 thoughts on “Dreams”

  1. Lainie: Glad to think we’re not the only ones!! *phew!Louyau-mike: hhhmm… if I am, I never want to wake up!Do you?=D

  2. alot of times i dream of something and then it happens in real life, i guess a dejavu of some sort, it’s kind of creepy. but some of the things i dream, i really wish they came true! 😉

  3. dion: want me to predict ur future with my tarot cards? I got a brand new pack two weeks ago…=) I’ve been wanting to try it on someone bcos tarot cards prediction is not very accurate if u do it on urself

  4. diOn: yeah! Like swimming in a pool of cash…if only it will come true in reality. Frank: Eh EH! I’m interested!!

  5. i’ve been dreaming about the same guy for years now. i still remember the last dream clearly.. the clothes he wore, the car he drove, how his house looked like. but i freaking can’t see his face.

  6. galferari: he’s nice and caring. holds my hand while he drives the car.. and his house is in the woods.. and it’s a huge white mansion. and wears a white-green shirt. how is your guy like?everyone else prolly thinks we are psychos. lol

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