Tokyo tomorrow!!




My firm decided to send me to Tokyo to get some papers authenticated. Unfortunately, I could only spend 3 days 2 nights in Tokyo.

I tried contacting my friend in Tokyo for this past few days but she hasn’t reply my mail till now. Oh no, I’m going to be alone in Tokyo!! noooOOoo!!!

However, in any event I have to spend my time alone in Tokyo, what should I do? Where should I visit? Is there any thing that I should take notice of? Any good photography spot?

Here’s an amusing article I read from Lonely Planet, written by Jane Thompson

My threadbare underwear was, apparently, an irresistible temptation. So irresistible, in fact, that late one suburban-Tokyo night it inspired someone to scale a wall, leap onto my 2nd floor balcony and liberate the motley collection from the clothesline.

Anyone who has ever tried to find gaijin sized undergarments in Japan will understand the certain practical consideration that magnified my distress. ‘My underwear has… disappeared, ‘I told my landlady, pale-faced, unable to come up with the Japanese for ‘stolen’. She cottoned on at once – and called the police. Under the watchful eye of eight (!) police officers, I spent a good hour or so field question about the colour, size and texture of the missing articles. They’d keep an eye out, they told me, but I really should e more careful.

More careful? My Japanese friends were shocked and horrified – that I’d been so stupid as to peg my bras and undies on an outdoor clothesline in the first place. Every nation ha its share of knicker-snatchers, but Japan, it seems, may have more than the usual sprinkling.

I thought of getting those used panties on sale @ shops. But after watching this video….not in this life man..

Cya guys in 3 days!

21 thoughts on “Tokyo tomorrow!!”

  1. Bugger xes…take me with youuuu!! Bah….i can dance DDR and donate u underwear to bear the expense costs also.

  2. yerh yerh yerh yerh yerh… *i dont care*why so syiok one you!!!by the way, i like the video clip… wahahahhaa~

  3. have a nice trip and stay in tokyo man, have a nice shopping experience at Shinjuku and dont forget Tokyo Tower !! And if u want a girl used underwear, look for it at the vending machine 😀

  4. myke: kekeke next time la 😀 eishin: aiyo no need snatch only!! earl-ku: thanks! 😀 wolfx: aiyo ok ok, i’ll go learn the trade in JP then we’ll start our own company in msia okay?puiee: thanks! but not vacation ler, for work ler hehe Lionel: fugu..mmm amybe i’ll try.. as for paradiseTV..whats there ? porno?YUMMIE: ehehe so when u wanna work for me? wolfx and i are planning to open a company selling underwear as welllynnzter: heee… see first ne..choon: OK WIL lEAT LODAS OF RAMEN AND SUKIYAKI!!

  5. if you like weird people, go to harajuku.for beautiful neon lights and prostitutes, go to kabuki-cho in shinjuku.go shimokitazawa for karaoke(cheap), go ginza to get bankrupt.BTW, bullet train from narita to tokyo?? never heard of that. even there is, it won’t take 1.5 hours. probably what you meant is not a bullet train, just a densha.

  6. fuck u bitch.. u lucky bastard.. get me the AV acted by REI ITOH and Ryoko Mitage.. its an ORDER#@! slut slut slut.. i wanna be a lawyer too now@#@~@!#!$

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