Drug trafficking

Couple of weekss ago, I was reading the newest edition of the weekly law report. Then this particular case caught my eyes. In the case, the accused was appealing against his death sentence for possession and trafficking of dangerous drugs. He was arrested in 1990 and since it’s a death offence, under s388 of the Criminal Procedure Code, a person who is sentenced to death shall not be furnished bail hence he was stuck in the prison ever since the day of his arrest. Further in the case, the accused was also arrested with his girlfriend but she was subsequently released after her boyfriend voluntarily admitted that he possess the drugs. The accused reason was that he wanted to protect his girlfriend.

After all the hoo-ha for more than 14 years, the accused was subsequently released due to some legal grounds. Well, imagine you’re the accused, you rot in jail for 14 years just because of a statement that was said to protect your girlfriend. What do you think will happen to your girlfriend after you’re released after 14 years?

I remember reading this article about this guy who went thru the same thing as the story above. After he got out from jail, he found that his girlfriend got married with some other guy and the only person who sat thru his final court hearing was his father.. How sad..

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  1. I read about that ages ago but somehow I forgot about it until I came to your blog. It’s really sad but in the name of love, anything is possible. At the end of the day, only your parents will be with you through thick and think. I really wonder how is he coping with life….

  2. all in the name of LOVE mahhh. stupid fellas only wanna save their other half’s ass. we all know human beings are self-centred egoistical idiots; so i mean – the only person you should really care and save is pretty much your own self if you plan on not being let down.

  3. Hen: keke sure bo.. gguni: there is no implied meaning on my post 😀 angie: great to see new people commenting! “D i think the fellow has already given up on that relationship..prolly he has moved on..maybe u can see his face @ lovematches.com ..single male seeking lifetime partner..kim: thats what you do when you are in love 😀

  4. but cannot blame the charbor either. Like that if i take a bullet for a charbor dont tell me she MUST marry me and bear my children? ….bugger lucky i cannot jump fast enough ehheh 😀

  5. dude.. i think the guy got a taste of something else in prison. probably doesnt even want to go back to her anymore.

  6. xes: i know. I wuz only kiddin 🙂 But to me, mother is the best gf coz she’ll understand u better than any wife u’re gonna haf.glo: up his arse mate. Hahahahahahahahhahaa

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