Everyday I wake up hoping that my ulcer on my tongue cures. It still hurts today though. Fuck..

It’s been around since Tuesday. I tried all sorts of remedies. I tried rubbing salt on it (ooohh the feeling was ooOoOOohhh). I tried gargling salt water and it sucked. No, I haven’t tried BJ..dont get me wrong, it’s not blow job, it’s Bon Jela, a cream for curing ulcer.

And lately, it seems that loads of people are suffering from ulcer, cough and sore throat. My mum and I are victims of it. It must be the hot weather!!

On the other hand, loads of people blame it on this concept called ‘heaty’. I don’t know how to explain it in English, The word ‘heaty’ is just a direct translation from Chinese. ‘heaty’ IMHO is something like an over consumption of ‘heaty’ products on a person’s body. ‘heaty products’ can be something spicy and fried (even durians are considered heaty).

However, the ‘heaty’ concept seems to be limited on Asian culture. I have neer heard of the word ‘heaty’ from a Westerner. Do Western people have this concept called ‘heaty’? What do Westerners usually blame when they suffer from ulcers or sore throat?

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  1. xes: it’s Bonjela not your immitation brand “Bon Jella”…haha :PThe westerner usually blame too much of BJ for getting sorethroat (for the girls)..infected throat!

  2. well, usually we angmohs, blame too much sexual activities for causing the phenomeneon you call ‘heaty’

  3. nogi: yiuuu..spelling mistadke only maahhbernard: 😀 d00dz: icic.. too much sexual activites cause ulcer, sorethroat adn cough? cool…

  4. They just think Sore Throat n Cough n stuff like that are caused by circulating virus, not due to self-act hehe.. imma Serious!

  5. go to pharmaxy and get a bottle of “Bactidol”. Costs 10 – 11 bucks per bottle. Gargle with it for 40 secs …. will cure in 1 – 2 days. No kidding. works for me all the time.

  6. Damn,i know how u feel, i m currently having this swollen gums thing i believe it might be to do with my wisdom tooth. Can’t eat or drink cos it’s even affecting my throat. it’s been at least 4 days and still it hurts. Took all the medication I could find but argh… still no difference. Get well soon CL!

  7. myke: thanks dude..will try that!! Sharon: well said! makes everthing sounds more scientific now 😀 kekemichaelooi: aaahh..will keep that in mind..i wonder if a mixture of bonjela and bactidol will do any good 😀 might get high with it..mmmmengchoo: you need an operation for that!! remove wisdom tooth!

  8. ivan: ok la malas alreadygavin: ggbet..even if i cut my tongue off, you wont be able to escape from my wrath!! haha

  9. Americans have sprite and chips when they have sore throat. No “heaty” term. it’s just for malaysians.

  10. you cant get me over here!! ehehe. mahai if you suddenly appear on my doorstep here i gonna fuckin faint.

  11. hey xes, I was juz thinking about the heaty thing being a Malaysian term and not a westerners term. And suddenly here u arem talking abuot it.Cool…………….:PAnyway, i alwiz drink lots of water.Although the tendancy of going to the toilet increases, it does helps in lowering the “heaty-ness” and gif u great complexion as well.Then u’ll b better round the girls.:) Take care xes. Get well soon yah

  12. hehe itz pretty kool.. i just have a mild sorethroat n i’d be able to get an MC with tonsilitis, or If its just Flu and Cough the doc would be like “oo u caught the bug!!” whereas in malaysia they’re like aiya you will be fine tomorow lah.. but u wan mc ornot 😛

  13. can’t remove it, it’s already all grown out but somehow my front teeth’s not so straight anymore. *sigh*

  14. Gavin: sure bo..make sure u faint when im there man..wahhahastranger: mmm i think ‘heaty’ is a chinese term..never heard indians or malays say anything about it..gunni: thanks 😀 sharon: HEHEHEHEHEHEE but in aussie, if you get a cold..you’ll be bed ridden right? 😀 choochootrain: aiyo, better do something about it before its too late! operation!!!

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