eeer…No title

I went to the Court today…yaaaa..that’s what i do almost every morning.
I bumped into Ms. Siew Pau. She was walking toward me…
“Siew Pau”, i called out to her
She jumped..well, just a little bit la.
And i heard her saying to her friend to Cantonese (Yes, Siew Pau. I heard that =P)
“Oh My God, this is the first time i see Frank in person”
But, she don’t have that” Frank so leng chai, he is more leng chai in person than in photos” kinda look.
I am quite disappointed la…kidding la. BTW, we have SEEN each other in person when we were in Uni la…
Sorry, Siew Pau, i just have to blog about this because i’ve to write something (to get invited to free beer party)
P/S Siew Pau, i went to legal aid room at 10am but it was deserted…

14 thoughts on “eeer…No title”

  1. Frank…you very the kua cheong…i din say OMG, i just say…Oh so this is Frank….and siew pau doesn’t talk to me in cantonese….=.=”
    and I am a he, not a she…

  2. O_o?? Siew Pau?? Where did the name ‘Siew Pau’ come from??
    10am?? those on legal aid still in court marr..

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