Mcnuggets and its new sauces

Saw the new promotion and decided to try it. I was always a Mcnugget fan back in the UK when I was studying. The variety of sauces in Malaysia has always been dismal, so yeah, I thought, “Why not?”

There are 4 choices of sauce: Thai Chilli, Lemon Tango, Sweet Mustard and Crazy Curry. The first two were sold out at the particular branch I was at, so I was left with the latter. The packaging reminds me so much of in-house supermarket products, don’t you think? So…… plain.

The 9 piece nugget Value Meals is priced RM9.00 (Regular) and 9.80 (Large) comes with 2 sauces, fries and a drink. I chose the a la carte, the 9 pieces and 2 sauces for RM6.90 (excluding tax).

Taste wise, the Crazy Curry was too sweet, and after a while, it was ‘too much’ (jelat). Sweet Mustard was still ok, but still a bit too sweet.

I think I’ve lost my cravings for McDonald’s. I’m never satisfied after consuming a McDonald’s meal anymore, and I don’t know why! Sniff. I wish I still was.
I’ve converted into a mega KFC fan! Since KFC Zinger Maxx was introduced. ;P

11 thoughts on “Mcnuggets and its new sauces”

  1. Screw McDonald’s and Burger King..
    The best burgers will be……….
    My fave, burger daging double special with cheese, no vege and sauce, only mayo.
    meh.. I’m drooling now. I want burger.

  2. bimbo: ayam or daging doesn’t really matter. as long as it’s double deck special with cheese, no vege and sauce, only mayo! orgasmic wei..
    dammit i’m hungry now.

  3. wuah…only the sauce attracts me first…then coz got sweet mustard woh.hehee..
    imagine chicken nuggets with tat dip..
    u didn’t tell it taste heavenly or not? 😛

  4. the sauces are quite a disappointment. Thai Chilli is js like the bottled thai chili sauce we buy from supermarkets and the lemon tango didn’t taste like no lemon, it was js gooey sweet yellow stuf. Amongst the 4, only the mustard is edible. BBQ sauce still best!

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