eh lynn

At Pasar Malam (night market),

Me: eh Lynn, help me take this picture!!
Lynn: why? do it yourself la.
Me: I don’t think so la. I’m afraid that after taking this picture, people will start chasing me with knifes.
Lynn: okok, I’ll do it for you.

/me hides in a corner.


Lynn: OK. Here’s your picture.

16 thoughts on “eh lynn”

  1. Ben: bwahahahaha frank: his internet conenction is down. will be back soon i hope hehe karheng: damn heng nowadays ratz: fug u la hahh

  2. so colourful! never have i seen such a colourful variety of tai sams *culture shock*. not even at la senza! :oP*shakes head* leongggg leongggg..why you is so naughty?btw they’ve got very l33t tai fu hangers nyahahaha~! πŸ˜€

  3. karheng: yeah lor. soem ppl just dont understand. haiseh eheheh Saphiryn: wonderbra? hehe theirs not so high tech iguess πŸ˜€

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