Rock CLimbing

Climbing @ Summ1t Cl1mbing GYM.

13 thoughts on “Rock CLimbing”

  1. good good pictures. u hardcore. clingin on the wall and take a picture. i’ll be joining u last sun. 🙂 hardc0re abit. right after badminton. dun torture me yea. must finish the two route that i failed.

  2. ratz: okay we finish the 2 routes then we go boulder okay? eheh Sui Lin: me is 70% like that liaoo~~ hehehe gguni: its fun. join us sometime la 😀 penispup: go la. sunday afternoon ill be thereLynnzter: ooo..she’s our summit Idol.

  3. every sunday or wad?haha i went to check it out earlier…not bad..reasonable price…looks scary though…i was like imagining myself falling off and i land on the floor and my head squashes like a watermelon :X

  4. Ur shitting me rite xes…….. No one can belay me. That person will end up above ground level while I fall all da way to the ground and land wif the loudest thud ever.

  5. Oh xes….YOU were the hamsap fellar taking photos of lenglui instead of climbing! The 4th picture, the guy’s back, he’s me lah…haiseh never come say hi.Kihkihkih.Haiseh….Francis still working there ar? sheesh. One of this SUndays i’ll drop by and get back into shape.

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