End of a Headache

These 3 weeks have been the busiest week that I’ve gone through this year. It started off with revision for my patent agent qualification examination and thereafter 5 days straight of examination.

Immediately after the exam on Friday, I took a bus down to Singapore for the Asian Patents Attorney Association Council meeting. It lasted until Wednesday and immediately thereafter, I gave a talk at the Bar Council at the Forum on Blogging and Defamation Law together with Jeff Ooi and Nizam Bashir.

The patent examination was held at one community centre at Bandar Tun Razak. Everyday I would drive to the area and eat at one of the Chinese restaurants there. The food is nothing to shout about but it kept me filled until lunch time. There was one incident where I sat with a bunch of aunties…

Waitress: (to me) Uncle, what do you want to drink?
Me: Coffee, please.
Aunty: What Uncle???? This one lengjai aaa!!!
Me: (O_O)

The community centre was a little dodgy. At one part it’s an examination hall, the other part is a badminton hall.

The bloody examination made me feel like I’m sitting for the Certificate of Legal Practice again. I thought for the rest of my life, I do not need to sit for anymore exams. Fortunately, this examination is not as tough as the Certificate of Legal Practice. If I fail any of the 5 subjects, I can resit the same subject next year.

The examination papers were fine but I didn’t do well in the Patent Law and Practice examination as they changed the format of the examination.

Last year, we were required to answer 6 questions out of the 8 given questions. This time round, it was 6 questions out of the 6 questions given! We didn’t have a choice!

Answer for last year’s Patent Drafting exam paper..

The question that got me into trouble was actually a past year question. They required us to explain what happen in one of the three given cases. This time round the same question came out minus one case – which I read. Arghh

It was a huge relief after the examination. I immediately sold my book “The Way Things Work” by David Macaulay to ivN, who wanted to present it a lady who likes elephants -_-

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