Tiger FC Fantasy League

Couple of weeks back, I blogged about the Tiger FC Fantasy League. After a few weeks, my selection of players have bore me fruits.
One of my best players, Peter Crouch gave me 23 points after scoring 3 goals from the past games. Although being kicked out from Liverpool to Portsmouth, he still hasn’t lost his touch.

Surprisingly, according to Tiger FC website, my worst player is from Portsmouth as well.
Bloody Glen Johnson, who is also another reject from a top club, got himself a yellow card. Glen Johnson was once a rising star in Chealsea but things didn’t go his way. Not long ago, he was arrested for stealing bathroom fittings and fined 80 pounds.
My defender, Nicky Hunt on other hand is not generating any points. In fact, his points were zero! I decided to get rid of him and replace him with Michael Turner who hails from new comer Hull. Currently 3rd place in the Premier League! They just defeated Arsenal 2 – 1 recently. Arsenal blamed it on lack of experience. Pfft. Hull is on a roll!
As for our mini league namely the Nuffnang mini league. I was hoping that we could become the mini league with the highest average score so that we can win some beers. My team included power house bloggers such as KY and ShaolinTiger. It would definitely be easier with them around.

With a league like this..haih.. I can see my beers flying away already.
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Tiger FC Fantasy League

2 thoughts on “Tiger FC Fantasy League”

  1. Glenn Johnson is very unpredictable, he is good, can run fast and likes to run up field to join the offence. Sometimes the bugger forget he’s a defender and i’ve seen him getting caught out of position many times in many games (when he was with chelski)
    as for your competition, goodluck!

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