enjoying life on the open road with a map and a cooler…

It is 6am in the morning and I haven’t slept a wink. Something must be bothering me, but I have no idea what it is. grrr…

While lying down on my bed, trying to get some sleep, naturally my mind wandered and I thought of my Mum. It’s funny how I had the worst sorta relationship with her a few years back but now, it is as if we are buddies and she calls me whenever just to keep me updated with the daily gossip and stuff happening around the neighbourhood and to complain or brag about our petdog ;). Of course, it would help my dad financially if my mum bothered to dial the idd number BEFORE dialing my UK number though.. heh..

It always feels like a long time since I have spoken to her, whether it’s been an hour or two weeks. She has been the one person in my life that I have always been able to sit back and listen to with open ears, although it doesn’t always seem that way. We have gone through many years together, both of us have drawn an understanding from that, in the sense that those times were a necessity in order for us to appreciate the better. One thing I have always respected her for, was that she didn’t bullshit me. When I did something wrong, she was the first to tell me, and when I did well, she told me, in her own ways, that she was proud.

Sorry for the mush, but its really late/early – let the insomniac ramble on!!!

And oh yes, among other thoughts, I was also thinking about an email I received from a friend earlier today which had this rather random paragraph. It read: “Please tell *some guyfriends’ names* and all your other guyfriends to stop masturbating. I know the mags tell us that it’s ok, and that we can replenish our sperms and all that, but the truth is, we are throwing away part of our bodies and the more sperm we waste, the weaker the body becomes. So just thought I’d let you know.” muAHhahAha… that’s a first..

Alrite, wish me luck coz I am gonna try sleeping once again…. laters all.. 😉

5 thoughts on “enjoying life on the open road with a map and a cooler…”

  1. Mother is naturally the best. Even it doesn’t, the feeling that we came from her womb just gave me the feeling that I’m being loved at all times. Though sometimes I felt that I took my mum for granted. Glad that she’s the only woman who wants to keep long distance relationship with me. That tells how great a love mothers can give.

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