its too goddamn early to do anything sane…

My IE closed on me again halfway through – yup, live and learn, that’s what we do… *smacks forehead* Grouch alert!!! Slept early and here I am, awake by 6am and those who agree with me that its wayyyy too early for any studying to be done, put your hands up. Ok I don’t really care how many hands I see or doN’t see, I am not gonna start on the books anytime soon this morning. Don’t make me! 😛

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Wei Chen, Ron and Way Meng!!! Hugs and kisses going out to all three of you big boys… be good!!! 😉

And in the spirit of putting up photos, as it seems to be the fad of the mo in this site (and also coz Frank put up all those pics I meant to hide from public view, all is lost – so wuddahell), here are some Amsterdam photos of me and my girl-buddies who went – Siew Lee, Jia Hui and I…

atlousypancakeplace (55k image)
Ok, this picture was taken at this lousy pancake place which had some waitresses who acted as if they had something stucked up their ass all day – bad service in and out. BITCH! We were tempted to go back the next day to order a bunch of pancakes and run away but it wouldn’t have been fun enough. (Or mature enough for that matter, but of course, that doesn’t matter when we are on holiday with friends. :D)

spacecake (44k image)
And I guess many of you guys can guess what we are holding – a space cake! Or a really tiny space cupcake, really… Very much like an ordinary chocolate chip muffin with a little bit of aftertaste of the greens. Thrilled as we were, it had no effect whatsoever. Therefore we happily proceeded to ordering…. (look below)

spacetea (50k image)
Space tea!!! And err.. there wAs space chocolate in that empty cup. Siew Lee didn’t even give the camera a chance!!! 😀 And yet again, no effect whatsoever… but then again, there might be – check out the glassy-eyed chick on my left. wAHhahAHa! 😉

stillnotworking (36k image)
Loookieee here! This could be our favourite highlight of the trip. We bought those sunnies together for a really cheap price at this random shop and had such a kick taking pictures as though we were celebrities. The biggest kick had to be complimenting each other about it all day-la. I pity Kin Han who had to follow us around all day and listen to it. 😀

controlling (36k image)
And this would be the picture taken 2 seconds after the picture above was taken. Posing to take all these serious-looking pics was soooo goddamn tiring coz 3 of us laugh wayyy too much to be healthy for us. And yeah, that would be me at the bottom there… hello 😀

thegirls (49k image)
Here we are at one of the many cafes around Amsterdam… From left to right: Dee, Jia Hui and Siew Lee. Mind you, this picture was taken before we had ANY puff, munch or anything of whatsoever so the tired looks were pretty much drugfree. 😉 The trip couldn’t have been as fun as it was without both you girls, much love to you two! We gotta do this again, k… but this time, we don’t bring the guys… muAHhaha.. 😀

(and many thanks to wc for resizing the pics for me! moochas!!)

Lalalalalalalaa… I probably exhausted my quota for a post (hope Leong doesn’t mind) but still don’t feel like studying. And don’t make me!


12 thoughts on “its too goddamn early to do anything sane…”

  1. gawd..that was embarassing!! haha. but was tons of fun :oDp/s: babe, remember, how cool are we?! muahahahaha ;o)

  2. ikari: down boy, DOWN! and i know who ur drooling for… muaHAhha :Ppasserby: all is good 😉 thank you…

  3. ikari: wAhHAhA pls do urself a favour and take tWO cold showers.. ;)killu: really dunno-meh?? cannot be! 😀 ok, just in case other ppl dunno – u guys can see the familiar green colour of a certain.. uRmm.. vegetation? 😀

  4. Huai Bin, Space tea n space cake n space whatever r made with marijuna (sP?). No effect at all, maybe it’s too light. But, it sound cool, don’t it. Space tea…hehehehe…

  5. frank: i see…yeah they sound delicious! 🙂 i heard that the space cakes in amsterdam is really strong though, maybe you all smoked too much and built up an insane tolerance :p

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