eraine’s bday!


She celebrated her birthday at a pub at her place, Duta Vista. Great chill out place with English pub design and soft music (it was playing some China man song which was horrible but thank god they played it softly). Speaking about pub, one thing I dislike about English pub is that they play the music too loud. Every time I tried to chat with my friends, I would end up shouting and screaming plus repeating the sentence. I rather sit down and shut up and drown myself with Snake bite black (a mixture of beer, cider and cranberry juice, my favourite!).

Gavin was his nutty self again. I’m not going to comment about him. He’s at the verge of committing suicide!

Mum’s car
Unknown to Dad, the road tax of my Mum’s newly repaired car expired yesterday. We didn’t know about it until nighttime. If Mum were to be caught by the police for driving a car without road tax, she could be sentenced to jail.

Mum wanted to go out so the only choice she had is to drive my car. Unfortunately, my tenant has already driven my car out to watch Matrix Revolution. So, Mum and I forced him to drive the car back. He was pretty reluctant at firs but I offered to drop him off at the cinema. However, his movie was about to start when he arrived home.

I drove like Michael Schumacher at turtle speed (it was raining heavily). Fortunately, I got him there on time and thank god, in one piece.

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