flirting lady

While having brunch today, a lady came up to me and said,
“Wah! You’re sitting under the sun! Isn’t that hot?”

“Do you want to get tanned?”

“I think it’s okay for you! You will look like Khoo Thin Lock!” (Louis Khoo, Hong Kong actor).

She had long silky hair, pretty face and slim figure. Oh wait, that was probably 30 to 40 years ago! She’s actually the owner of a “Yong Tau Fu” stall. It feels so awkward to have a middle age lady flirting with me.

Well, the last time a middle age lady flirted with me was when I was in Finland. She was holding my arm and started speaking Finnish to me. I obviously didn’t understand. My friends said she wanted to treat me pizza, and probably after that, have sex with me. EUW!

Pictures from eraine’s birthday party.

Most of the pictures we took turned out blur. Damn..

Surprisingly, this is the only clear picture…

13 thoughts on “flirting lady”

  1. not bad wer… look like louis khoo… the last time u look like jet li! wow… all the gorgeous, good looking actors werr…. :p

  2. I like Louis Khoo & Jet Li movies…….I think they are good actors especially the characters they play who are mostly martial artist. Mayb u should take up kung fu or wushu as well eh xes so that u can play those characters in da future when they retire since u got da looks baby.Hahahahahhahaha

  3. Wah….Definately Jet Li substitute material. Looking forward to walk the red carpet with u so when u get famous, don forget everyone here. Kiss arse dude….

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