Even dogs don’t want me, you say…

I am in a state, I am.

Someone just told me that even dogs didn’t want me. I know he meant it as a joke, but I took it really badly. It?s a joke, just a joke. You know how he is.

And you know what, joke or no joke; I think that was really uncalled for. I’m really hurt. *heart breaks..

Moving on, work for me the past 2 months have been a basket of mixed nuts. Seen the good, experienced the bad, cried at the worse. Being such a junior, I am constantly being taught by my colleagues ? one too many of them that is. Getting instructions from any of them is a headache coz they each give contradicting instructions and directions, I don?t know which to follow and not only do I end up completely confused, they think I am dumb for not listening to him or her or her. Make up your mind!

And what?s more, Oon and Tucks are going back Australia? don’t go? :?( I wish I had so much more time with you guys, I wish I made more time for you guys. It is about being completely comfortable with you guys that count. I will never live down the guilt. :?( And moreover, who is gonna take me to Br3akers now? And be oH So PaTieNt while playing foos with me? WHo?? 🙁

Aiyah, I?m in a sour mood. Note to self: Better not blog when you are in a bitter frame of mind.

7 thoughts on “Even dogs don’t want me, you say…”

  1. It’s okie Wen, cheer up. Mayb the wind is not on ur side but like all winds, it’ll passs.It’s lucky that u don’t know me personally as I can b quite straight forward 😉 So lucky u eh? (That’s a good enuff reason to cheer)

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