Asian xgames photos..



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Asian Xgames

Pictures from Umeng’s camera.

More pictures @

I want to get a digital camera.. any suggestions? Canon EOS 300D seems pretty tempting but it’s pretty expensive.. further I already own a SLR camera.

5 thoughts on “Asian xgames photos..”

  1. >>Sony Cyber Shot DSC-T1, not bad, 5,040,000 pixels, 2.5 in TFT active matrix LCD display, 32 MB, and affordable price.

  2. I don see any Jap Chicks in da photos. If there are, they don’t look jap.Muz b conter feet stuff from Chi Chong Kai 😛

  3. no jap chicks photos lestephan: sounds good but doesnt look nice hehe i dont like the large LCD screen 😀 choon: wah good but i dont like large LCD screen le!

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