Events to look forward to..

WARNING: Nightlife related post.


A fan mail! πŸ˜€

hey mate
Hi im Ben n i have just started goin to clubs this yr n never even knew dancing like this even existed. I am now totally wrapped up in it, U r the only place i have found a clip on the net of the melb shuffle and i still cant dance very well but im gettin better and have started to try n shuffle a bit. Thanks to ure clip n my own experiences i hope i can move as smoothly as you do one day it looks totally awsome!!! So thank you heaps for putting that clip up its a great helper 4 me and to many others by the sounds of it!!!

Yours Greatfully

PS: The clips on ure site wont d/load properly to my comp n it says corrupt file! i got ure shuffle vid off a user on dc++ are you on any filshareing programs? maybe i could d/load the others off you on a prog or somthing? Thanks again BeN

I’m fully aware of the corrupted download. However, I have no idea how to fix it cause I tried download the file myself and it seems that it’s fine to me. Did anyone else experienced the same problem?

Events to look forward to

Ferry Corsten @ Zouk, KL
RM35 before 11pm
RM45/50 after 11pm (+ 2 drinks)

Pangkor Rave

Get down and dirty this coming 5th to 7th June 2004 at Pangkor Island, where Kid Kenobi (Ministry of Sound), Jay Cuning (Fabric Ressie) and other kick-ass DJs will spin and move you to the grooves of breakbeats, progressive, hard house and old skool tunes.

There will be a section for the old skool community by the pool side, while the main beach area will house massive talents feeding you with massive sets!

Twin share RM480
Triple RM430
Quad RM380
Group (6 pax) RM450
Group (6 pax) non a/c RM350
* includes accommodation, transportation & all meals but drugs not included

Drugs package
Happy5: RM110 per strip
Ice: RM60 per pack
Ketamin: RM50 per pack
Cocaine: RM450 per gram
LSD: RM190
Pure MDMA (capsule form): RM140
(PRESALE) RM35 per pill
(On Door) RM50 per pill, RM35 for 6 pills.

Call Uncle Fengtau for more details 013-333-8888

For more info log on to

18 thoughts on “Events to look forward to..”

  1. Damn. Those are pretty cheap packages. Ice at RM60? E at RM35? Anyways, i wanna know your opinion on KL’s Zouk. Is the crowd more of an overall genre or more teen-centralised? Great moves with the shuffle mate. Cheers.

  2. hahahah…. retired? lalallalaa~ oh well, i was having the same problem too when i wanted to download it… erm… and yea, me too learning melb shuffle from your clip as well… =Pwah… need to go to pangkor to party?

  3. is tat pangkor rave for real or wat?:P although there’s like breakbeats and progressive (not my cup of tea), but it’ll be a good place to chill out and get crazy πŸ˜›

  4. nizan: thanks dude. i’ve never been to zouk actually, the last tiem i went there was during tiesto’s was crazy! didnt get to go in! πŸ˜€ will tell you how it looks like when i’m there for ferry corsten’s rave πŸ˜€ lynngugu: where got bankrupt..sure make money oen ekekk Gavin: fucker i said quite clubbing not raving heheh eishin: rm100 for 3? what brand wei ekeke ivan: dont tok kok sing songYUMMIE: try downloading again! πŸ˜€ i just fixed it: dion thanks πŸ˜€ mengie: yeah.. not our cup of tea la..we like to fengtau remember? ? ehehe ben: no la no $ keke unless i setup a please-donate-to-xes-so-that-he-can-rave fund..then maybe i will go eheh wolf: eh dont la. /me calls gangster to chop wolfx ehehekev: have what? all of whatt?? the drugs?? u druggie!! keek

  5. naabeh…..ferry corsten….damn..its times like these i wish i aint in aussie…crap…you guys going ah?

  6. ohhh quit “clubbing” but not “raving”…that explains it!your vids downloaded just fine? I don’t know about the inthemix ones though

  7. dude..the cover charge is included in the package yo..not sure how much would it cost if you’re not planning to stay with them.

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