Bad English

I have this bad tendency of laughing at people’s poor English. Well, my English is not exactly great but sometimes it’s so bad that you can’t help yourself.

Malaysian has this mentality to look up at people who could speak good English. As for those who cant, they will be looked down upon. Obviously, it’s not a very good attitude. Just because someone has good oratory skill doesn’t mean he’s smart.

Well, the point is want to make here is that, even though someone couldn’t speak proper English they shouldn’t be looked down as they might have something better than us ie fluent in other languages. So anyway, the purpose of writing this crap is to serve as disclaimer for my post below. I don’t want anyone to brand me an arrogant bastard who think his English is better than anybody else.

So here’s the story.

Couple of years ago, my friends and I had coffee in Coffee Bean (Starbucks equivalent). So this friend of mine brought her cousin, who didn’t speak a word throughout the entire session. Then couple of days later, she messaged this friend of mine in IRC.


My friend laughed so hard till he smashed his keyboard with his hands.

15 thoughts on “Bad English”

  1. what the hell man, that is really sucky english, if i were to see her in real life, i’ll point my index finger at her face….and laugh out loud ok? Damn, the Malaysian GOVT, should educate malaysians in english, aightz? I can’t think of any funny experiences with people with bad english…. if I remember, i tell ya, k

  2. most likely chinese ed. there r many chinese ed who’r shy when it comes to speaking in english. cos they feel ppl wl laff at them. but then, it’s up to the individual to learn and correct oneself.

  3. yerh… i am chinese ed also lar… by the way, i used to type KOPI BIN instead of coffee bean… hahaha, i think it’s crappie and fun… maybe… she did it on purpose too…??

  4. well.. personally, i hate it when ppl use bad english. not juz mildly bad. but i mean bad bad. *faints* i try not to laugh tho; its rude IMO. i’ll prolly laugh about it afterwards.

  5. afser: hehe when ever i think of it, i laugh to myselfkerhoong: wah middle finger? aiyo you’re missing my point that i was trying to convey..dont discriminate ppl wh ocant speak proper english eheh applegal: kekeke are you rememebr me is bad enough for me ahaha oliviasy: yup i truly agree! my lecturers in UK were complaining that chinese ed students were shy to talk to anyone.YUMMIE: u different mah..u special case..kekelucy: yup.. i agree 😀 anyway, her cousin was pretty young that time, prolly 14 or 15..i guess by now her english ahs improved more i love you long long timeeesapphire_pearl: it’s alright its laugh..we all laugh @ them anyway hehe

  6. pretty damn funny xes. i always use the ol good sayin when this comes up..your england is dang powderful.

  7. ggun&ivan: keke glad u enjoyed it kekeke mary: hehe hokkien that would be lu eh ang moh a neh kin ahh!!

  8. Bugger xes….i smashed my laptop’s keyboard laughing. You better pay for it. :PBut seriously, its hard not to look down on someone who speaks horrendous english. The stigma of “stupid” can’t be helped because one would assume that these people have studied english during their primary and secondary school days unless they never studied at all.My friend met ppl in NS who spoke not a single word of BM and English. Why? They stopped going to school at standard 2.

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