Experience the G-ForceX reverse bungy jump

Last month, my big boss Mr N suddenly suggested that we go bungy jumping at KL Tower to conquer our fears and to improve our perception. It was sort of like a motivation and confidence building activity. Mr N is one of the top litigators in Malaysia and he’s around 50 over years old. A personal invitation from Mr. N is one opportunity that must not be missed.
It was scheduled on the weekend of the day he proposed but in the end it didn’t happen cause we were too busy.
Further I found out that the bungee jumping activity has not started in KL Tower. From what I read, it will start around August this year.
However, instead of cancelling our event, we went for the ‘reverse bungy jumping’ at KL Tower. This ‘reverse bungy jumping’ involves a huge anti gravity machine where 2 people will be seated in a steel cage and thereafter shot up to the sky at 0 to 120KMP/H in 2.5 seconds.
We dragged our colleague Low along. Mr N’s son and nephew were dragged along as well.

Mr. N and his son went first. They seemed calm in the beginning but as soon as they finished their turn, they were in a pool of sweat.

The cage
Immediately after their turn, it was Low and my turn. We had to empty our pockets and take off our shoes for safety purposes. It would be funny to see coins and shoes dropping from the sky.
We were then strapped to the metal cage. I felt quite safe with a safety belt and a huge padded metal pushing me tightly to my seat. Within seconds, our cage was tilted to face the sky. And boom! We were sent flying to the sky!

Legs up!
Flying up was a wonderful experience. The adrenalin rush was excellent. As soon as we reach the top, our cage slowly tilts down revealing the Kuala Lumpur skyline and the skyscrapers. Beautiful.

“GAHH…” said the spectators..
But the view was just for a second, our cage then slowly tilts downwards and soon we were upside down, with our head facing directly to the ground, at few hundred metres from the ground. We were spinning in mid air! I bloody hate that part!
The experience only last a minute or two. As soon as we got down, Mr. N bought another round for us. This time round, I paired with Mr. N. Being a man of 50 over years old, I feared for him. As soon as we got shot up in the sky, he started breathing heavily and groaning. I thought he was going on a cardiac arrest!
He was quiet when we were lifted down. I thought he passed out and immediately asked whether he’s alright. Fortunately, nothing happened to him.
Although this is not as extreme as bungee jumping from KL Tower, this was a great adrenalin pumping session. It’s RM60 per round and its open everyday from 10AM on weekdays and from 11AM on weekends. A certificate will be given to those who had participated:D

Watch this video 😀 (P/S this is not my video)

9 thoughts on “Experience the G-ForceX reverse bungy jump”

  1. hmm..i’m kind of disappointed after watching the video. It does not SEEM as exciting as described..
    I’ll try it out, nevertheless, given the opportunity!

  2. hmmmmmm. lets say just ONE of those string thingies putus.. how ar.. it’ll be like a catapult adi la? wuahah then brains will be flying everywhere instead of coins ;p

  3. penispupz: nola…if u see the design of the cage, even if they get fling off, they’re pretty well protected by the cage. But maybe bruises on their shoulders and stuff. Hehehe.

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