lately, i’ve been busy eating and eating like there’s no tomorrow, and it’s no wonder my belly can rival xes’ beer belly. ;P
i have to admit, i am not that adventurous when it comes to food.
1. Puttu – indian steamed rice cake @ somewhere in Bangsar

when my friend and i first saw the waiter “cooking” it, we thought it’d be good to try. when i first heard the waiter mention “puttu”, i thought he meant “puttumayam”. so when it came looking like that, i stared at it, not daring to mention to my friend that it looked weird.
puttu is usually white in colour, but this one was steamed with sweet palm toddy syrup mixed in its ‘batter’ already. served with a garnish of grated coconut, i tried to drown it with brown sugar (mixed with grated coconut and whatnots).

2. Paddington House of Pancakes @ 142, 1st Floor, The Curve

the Treasure Box (above pic) is the american dollar pancakes served with fruity bits – peaches, plums and raisin, with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. the bottom pic, i forgot its name, but it was DAMN GOOD! 2 cheesy hotdogs and 2 slices of salami, and a piece of hashbrown sandwiched between 2 pieces of pancakes. and brown sauce in jug by the side, of course. i thought the salami was a bit salty. both are priced between RM16.90 – RM20.90. but i think the latter is worthy of a good breakfast or brunch. ;P
i likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
3. Little Saigon @ Desa Sri Hartamas

there are only 2 vietnamese restaurants which i have tried so far, Du Viet and Little Saigon (not counting Vietnam Kitchen). and i’m a sucker for beef brisket. i tried the one at Vietnam Kitchen, which was ok. not too bad, this place. currently they have the set lunch at RM9.90++ during the weekdays, a choice for the main course of either noodle soup, dry cold noodles or rice dishes served with spring rolls and a drink. but i went during the weekend, so my bowl of stewed beef noodle soup cost RM11.90 and the vegetable roll @ RM6.90 for two. oh, the ‘hor fun’ (or noodles) was super slurpy smooth…………….
4. Taiwan Mochi
Mochi is made from glutinous rice. lately, it has evolved from the traditional type of plain with sesame seeds and peanuts, to various flavours of lychee, black sesame, coffee, plum, green tea, honeydew, etc. i bought a whole bag from Giant supermarket previously, which was selling at 100grams @ RM2.99, if i’m not mistaken. but i got tired of eating it, ended up tasting weird.
i’ll stick to “muar chee” instead. ;P

6 thoughts on “fOOoOooood”

  1. the 2nd pic of ur paddington looks good. i think its unique. i’ve only always been eating pancakes with sweet stuff. never tried any salty food + pancake. unless butter ler. im hungry hehe

  2. Wise men say, when bring bimbobum out on date, get ready spend on food, or face her wrath. XD

  3. blabla: aiks..
    faai: i feel like making pancakes… but lazy la. ;P
    wolfx: woiii….. s’ok! during dates i pretend to be a small eater. nibble here and there. ;P please la, i got pay also, you know. ;PpppP

  4. btw, where’s a good place for beef noodles kon loh style? like “taiwanese” style? *hungry*

  5. i like the taro(yam) mochi. they sure sustained me when i was studying for exams!
    what’s special abt taiwanese style noodles…i tried one place in Damansara Uptown but it was like pan mee to me.

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