Last Saturday, i went to buy Domino Pizza. I told and wrote my name on the order form, F-R-A-N-K, Frank.
Then i sat waiting for the pizza with my friend, drinking coca cola. 15 minutes later, the supervisor called out.
No reply from anyone.
eh, that sounded like my order, i thought to muyself. So, I walked to the supervisor.
“I ordered Aloha Chicken Pizza but my name is Frank”
The supervisor took a look at my order form and the sticker on the Pizza box.
“oooh, Frank. Sorry ar.”
Stupid la, how can you mispronounce Frank as Farouk. They are so different!!!

17 thoughts on “F-R-A-N-K”

  1. i think that guy read too much hardy boys already. frank hardy in the BM version was farouk. most prolly. heh.

  2. omg this is funny!!
    there was once i was in coffee bean, waiting for my drink… my name is spelled ‘chze hong’
    that fella couldn’t pronounce my name and he was like… ‘mr. ch.. ch… chh… zz… hong!’

  3. my name has been pronounced as chee ming, chiao ming, choo ming, chao ming, and tony… don’t ask me why… but frank is pretty hard to pronounce…

  4. Frank, your story reminds me of the time when I was in Sec 1. A student came into our class and told our teacher he was looking for a student.
    He then referred to a piece paper and announced the student’s name. “Lee Ah Fook! Lee Ah Fook!”
    No answer. Obviously, there was no ‘Lee Ah Fook’ in our class. Our teacher then waved the boy over and asked him to show him that piece of paper.
    Then our teacher said, “Oh! Lionel Foo! Lionel, follow this student.”

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