Malaysian Court Attire

Malaysian lawyers dont wear wigs in Court.

Robes are usually worn when appearing before High Court Judges and above.
Further, r30 of the Legal Profession (Practice & Etiquette) Rules provides that:-
(c) Except on such ceremonial occasions and at such places as the Bar Council or the Courts may prescribe, an advocate and solicitor shall not wear bands or robes in public places other than in Court or whilst travelling to or from Court.

Therefore, lawyers can’t wear robes to go clubbing, fengtau and/or to the mamak.
One of the most popular places to get robes is Campbell Complex, Jalan Dang Wangi.

I bought mine from Oxford’s Tailor, together with collar and tshirt.

My light crease robe cost rm320 and my shirt cost RM92 (as advised by yvonne, light crease robe is better as it is lighter). The lady was nice enough to give me a discount. It all came to RM410.

The bloody tshirt isn’t a good buy but yet it was one of the cheapest. The material feels like the collar shirts I used to wear to school.

10 thoughts on “Malaysian Court Attire”

  1. t-shirt? quite daring also u, dare to wear t-shirt to court. *hehe* [it’s a joke, dammit, in case my intelligence is doubted. ;P not funny dun laugh laaaaa. *hehe* i laugh sendiri. *hehe*]

  2. yvonne: you sound like you’ve got a bee in your tight panties that’s dying to get out. ;P chill, la whahahahaha btw its still tshirt, its a shirt shaped in a capital T πŸ˜€ keke

  3. Thank goodness they put away with the whole robes and wig thing except for higher courts.I hate it..can’t run in them,feels like a choir costume and worst of all, it gets so hot back in Malaysia. It’s just uncomfortable. *_*

  4. Yup, and you would want to wear your robe to a club. Hahaha, I can imagine you shuffling in your robes.. Lolz…
    Ican’t climb this Sunday. I got a wedding to attend.

  5. xes: looks like the robe keanu wore in matrix. so u got like tonnes of guns underneath it right just in case the judge overrule ur objection? then u whip it out and do the sommer-sault while emptying the clips.

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