fashion: belt

Basic fashion sense is very important. You must know how to dress properly.
Very simple. ;D
Does your pants fit you properly?
Do you need to wear a belt?
Does your belt match your pants?

OK or not?
Belt too tight, or too narrow?
Pants too loose?
Are both mismatched?
What say you?

17 thoughts on “fashion: belt”

  1. me say belt too tight, shirt shouldn’t tuck in, shirt too loose 2 tuck in. oh and nice belt. me like. me have one abit liddat in pink. =P

  2. aiya,..this one i know..
    trousers too loose la..
    that’s why when wear the belt, can happen until liddat. I wonder why no face in it…must be bimbo’s bum!

  3. it’s most definitely a female in the photos. Guys hips aren’t shaped that way. photos were taken by a point and shoot i THINK.
    FINALLY…what gave it away was that in the first picture…guys pants normally got a small bulge in front of the crotch no matter how big/small the kuku is.
    and which GUY has a belt like this is damn ‘tasteful’ ….hehehehe

  4. the belt’s all wrong. firstly, you can’t match a dark-coloured belt with light-coloured pants. it will give an illusion of the person being chopped off at the waist. secondly, i’m assuming the shirt as a regular tee-shirt from the look of the fabric? i’d recommend a polo-shirt (mesh fabric) for a more smart look. 🙂 just my two cents’ worth. heh.

  5. Bimbo…hahaha…makes me wonder if that was you…?
    I hate wearing belts. mWahahhaa……I just use them to pull me loose pants up. So sometimes….my pants look a bit like…the one in the photo up there! but of course body shape a bit different…guys don’t fill up so much on the ass…more on the waistline….

  6. HMMMMM…..This Topic I like……Women always tells me, that you do not have to look good, but you hve to dress well, have class, have taste. I wonder how far this is true. If you look like a toad but dress like a model……..

  7. loose pants is neva the problem for me, as i like to show my boxers much, i jus let them loose, tats why i dun wear belts much XD
    from tat pic, i say, belt tarak ngam, shirts and pants dun match, it looks better without belts oso

  8. talking about belts and pants….
    I saw a guy wearing ALIEN WORKSHOP STUFF yesterday!
    I can’t remember how long ago the fad for that was…8 years maybe?

  9. WAH. k la, i award karheng my bestest fansi for …. hmm….. Aug just started, so cannot. hehe. ;P
    if someone else can model for me, good la… not easy ok, to beg clueless friends to be my models. ;P
    p.s. AHLOKKOR: THAT IS SO TRUE! can just drool looking at dressed up men (but like men say about women THEY find unattractive, don’t look at the face – applies to men too ;P)…. hehe

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