OHM Sessions present Bass Agents – DJ Xtacid – & Friends, DJ Drive & Poison Violet @ Ruums


Sow thought it would be funny if only both of us went for this event. And so we did.

When I was in England, my friends and I would drink at a pub before heading to the club. We save a lot by doing this.

Sow and I, being cheapskates, started drinking at home and bought some beers from grocery shops before entering the club. By the time we reach Ruums, we were quite drunk already.

Then we met Big Ben and Kok Wing (DJ Niekon), they too stuffed us with beer.


Big Ben (RotiFish) & Kok Wing (Niekon, catch him live next week @ Ruums!)

And towards the end of the night, I was so drunk that I hardly remember anything. Just bits and pieces everywhere.

Anyway, if my memory served me well, the event was great. PACKED!

New way to avoid people stealing your drinks. Cover it with tissue paper.

DJ Poison Violet is one of the rare female DJs in Malaysia that spins hard stuff. Not to mention that she’s hot. I heard she’s a former Miss Malaysia. SURE BO??

Dj Poison Violet on stage – Oozing HotnEss.

Sow also dragged me to Passion. Zing and gang were there to celebrate Eevon’s birthday. There was some sort of HBO event going on as well. They were giving out free Tshirts and also a pair of boxers. During that time, Sow was screaming my name. I had no idea why he was screaming. If i’m not mistaken, Serena C (MC) chided Sow for being noisy.

Serena C: yo! Bald Dude! shut the F up.

Then it was announced that the recipient of that pair of boxers had to take off his pants in front of everyone. The atmosphere was silent. Everyone was eager to see the white dude bare his ass. Just as he was about to take his pants off, Sow screamed, “XES WILL DO IT!! XES!!! EVERYBODY! XES WILL TAKE HIS PANTS OFF FOR YOU!!”. O_O|||

Then the camera man turned his camera on us. /(*O*)\

I hope nobody sees us on TV.

18 thoughts on “OHM Sessions present Bass Agents – DJ Xtacid – & Friends, DJ Drive & Poison Violet @ Ruums”

  1. xes: U know wat, sometimes i do that with my mates as well..drink before go to club…lol..
    Anyways, cant wait to check out the new club..

  2. omfg… it was so funny when u rawked up at the counter… you were red as a lobster. And once i was done with my shift… i went inside and you were well wasted… ahahha… couldn’t stop laughing cause you looked like you were going to pass out anytime!
    But at least you had fun =) eheheh.

  3. Amos: shit, should have made a video of it!
    dogma: haHHAahha how about me!! Im the innocenet vicitm here!!
    winkris: Hehe I will not pass out! I am not Pass Out Ben!

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