fashion: sneakers

Sneakers. Trainers. Sports shoes. Same.
Do older or working women fall for men or boys who still wear sneakers all the time?
Once in a while is OK la.
But not all the time (this applies to working men).
Makes me feel like i’m babysitting my younger brother, instead of dating. ;P

36 thoughts on “fashion: sneakers”

  1. I love my sneakers, t-shirt and casual cloth. As an accountant and having to wear a suit 5 days a week, I feel more comfortable wearing my sneakers during the weekend. I Will definitely where them out on a date too…haha…unless there is a dress code to where we are going…and if she really insist.
    Hope it’s not about fashion all the time, since it’s the inside that’s more important.

  2. i agree with Scuzzy. if a girl feels out of place when she is out with a guy wearing sneakers, she can wear sneakers as well. it’s all about comfy after having to dress up during weekdays.

  3. what’s wrong with sneakers? doesn’t look young to me. I see 80 years old ah pek likes to wear sneakers more than young boys who prefer flip flops nowadays.

  4. xes: nah I don’t think bimbobum is materialistic since she likes to wear a paper brown bag on her head.
    Very mysterious…I wonder how she looks like

  5. Sneakers with slacks are the best weh! In fact, sneakers go with anything….mwahahaha….
    ok la..i’m just kidding..
    that calf muscle so small …leongupao one sure bigger…he go rock climbing ar…shuffl3 ar…futsal ar…
    somemore that calf muscle is hardened already one…when not contracted nothing special one…

  6. Bimbobum: those shoes look really dirty and smelly, need wash or throw in bin.
    Pokai: With those sexy legs of yours, you should where 5″ high heels stiletto. Then take photo and post link to photo here so I can drool

  7. applegal: i dunno wor hahah…maybe?
    scuz: wahh stiletto somore..i cant imagine 5″ stiletto and tropical rainforest like legs matches la.. 😛
    bimbo: you’re a male..admit it!

  8. Applegal:of course it’s a man’s leg and it doesn’t look odd…..It’s a well toned leg.
    E-fly: it’s muscle is contracted..that’s why it looks yat kau yat kau. Legs which are thin like giraffe not nice onela…must liddat only nicema…

  9. Scuzzy: hmm… wear on a date eh. she may not tell you about the dress code on the first date, anyway, she’ll expect you to want to impress her, you know ;P
    booby: depends la. i have to dress up like a 16-year-old to match his sneakers then.
    jinhan: i’m not looking for 80 year old ah pek to date what. ;P
    xes: SHHHHHHHHHHhhh… let them continue thinking i’m a she ;P
    endroo: fella eh? hehe.
    ryuu: nice sandals like beckham’s one, not a problem. 😉 heh. i think!
    Mitteilungen: i still want to be wined and dined……. once in a while.
    karheng: don’t simply say i hamsap. you also hamsap honfark!
    demented kat: i know what you mean! even my mum tells my dad to get better slippers! ;P
    electronicfly: not bad what, can just lick the hairless calf, man…
    pokai: i’m a male, i admit! ;P

  10. There’s nothing wrong with wearing sneakers, so long the occasion is right. Sneaker weekends are cool 😀 I’m dating a sneaker freaker, and I’m totally cool with it. Obviously, he’d need to to have good fashion sense too.

  11. rych: no la, just got to match it with jeans or bermuda or those cargo pants. not with slacks or khakis ;P once in a while dress up also la.
    Mei: you’re still a student, hehe, so it’s different. i think. i may be wrong 😉

  12. Bimbobum: Ok ok I see your point. Having good fashion sense also means knowing when to where sneakers or not…use your common sense dammit. If going to somewhere formal i.e. romantic dinner then ok no sneakers. If going shopping, then something more comfortable to walk in. If going to movies, anything is ok la…to dark to even notice and will be too busy making out xD

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