Hat Yai, Thailand

I was away in Club Med Cherating for 3 days for my company trip. And throughout the 3 days, I had no internet access and never had the chance to read any newspapers there.

Upon my arrival in Kuala Lumpur, I was sadden by the news that 4 people were killed by a series of bomb blast in Hat Yai. I stopped by Hat Yai on my trip to Krabi on March 2006.
I now present you some photographs of Hat Yai.

The Buildings

The Food

Sugar cane juice!

The Entertainment

The toilet

Hat Yai @ Night

It’s hard to believe that this tranquil and serene little town could be a victim of such atrocity.

11 thoughts on “Hat Yai, Thailand”

  1. 1st of all, i am always in hatyai for work purpose. and i know where u took that ‘dance sexy show’ thing. hahahaha.
    i think i’ve walked all of those streets. anyway it’s not their 1st bombing. there were a few before this. there was once they set a bomb off in carrefour and i remember it because my dad was in carrefour a couple of hours before they set it off and we were watching the news in the hotel room!

  2. zhong: wahlao, was anyone killed in carrefour? im suprised that i’ve not seen any media report of the people behind all these bombings i.e. the top officers.
    bimbobum: unique mah!

  3. xes: yah, the media only reported a few bomb case. and they cover here and there. blah. more over, the bombing happened outside a shopping complex called ‘odean’ right outside a bar called ‘brown sugar’. and also right outside another underground style bar, but i don’t rememeber the name of it. and i was there drinking beer during my last visit. hahahaha
    fr0stie: you must be kidding. penang? Penang is heaven. haadyai is no where near. lol.

  4. Amos: i is not terrorist la, i donno whether terrorist will attack bangkok or not hahaha
    fr0stie: penang nicer!
    zhong: why odeon huh? alot of tourist there? where is odean ? is that the one with mcD? opposite central?

  5. no, the one opposite central is Lee Garden Plaza together with the hotel. I used to stay there everytime I go there but I don’t anymore coz they don’t offer wifi. Odeon is in the same area. erm, in fact, it’s just right next to Central.
    Ok, imagine Mc D on the left, Central on the right. Walk along the road and then Odeon is on the right.
    I know that area like the back of my hand. hahahahahahhaa
    if you want i can bring u to pink lady. =.=’

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