Fasting month

As most of you may know, it’s fasting month for the Muslim. Our Muslim friends have to abstain from food and drinks throughout the day.
I bumped into a Muslim friend at Court . Right after our matter at court, my friend suggested that we go for drinks. I agreed without hesitation as it’s been a while since I saw her and we have loads of catching up to do. But wait, isn’t it still fasting month? However, I heard that girls who are having their period are exempted from fasting. So…
Me: is it time of the month?
Friend: Hehe..
Then I found out that this friend of mine doesn’t fast during the fasting month. Nevertheless, we wanted to go for drinks. Then we had another problem. You see, the court was located a predominantly Muslim area and as such, most restaurants nearby are not open. Fortunately, there was a McD nearby and hence we decided to drink there.
And then another problem aroused, McD does not serve Muslim customers during the fasting period. I heard that McD will get fined if they were caught serving Muslims during the fasting period.
But no problem, my friend could pretend to be non Muslim as she has sort of an exotic look. Unfortunately, she was wearing baju kurung (Malay traditional dress) O______O As such, from her dressing, it is obvious that she is Malay.
Nevertheless, we somehow managed to get our drinks.
And thennnn, another problem.. we have no place to sit to enjoy our drinks. @_@
We ended up sitting inside her tinted Mercedes. It wasn’t heavily tinted though. And to cover for it, my friend wore her sunglasses in the car.
Things people do just to get a drink…

29 thoughts on “Fasting month”

  1. 2ND!!!!!!
    sure din over-cathing UP ar? sister doesn’t fast fact….evryone at work oso din fast…in event setups…i think cannot tahan whole day without makan….so dun blame them..but others…i dunno la

  2. yah, a few of them in my office also don’t fast. some cannot tahan. esp those operation managers. running in and out. and also those workers working on site. how to carry out heavy operation while fasting. susah lah.

  3. McD’s are not allowed to serve Muslim customers during fasting month? What kind of discrimination is that? McD’s is a HUGE corporation – i’m sure they won’t turn down a chance to make an extra dollar. What if the Muslim person is sick and has to eat something?
    Malaysians are stupid sometimes.

  4. Joe: true true,actually fasting is depends on the individual itself,i juz dun understand y m’sian will fined those malays who doesnt fast,i got few malays colleagues who doesnt fast during fasting months,they said “i hari ini cuti” means i’m off for fasting today,but they almost evryday oso “CUTI”…lolz…

  5. McDs are a local company run predominantly by Malay staff. It is only understandable. However, under the circumstance of medical implications or like sex said…if aunty visit, then no choice right?
    That brings a question to me..How do Muslim footballers in the EPL play football during Ramadhan?

  6. This remind me of a good story. Well, the place I used to work is a factory and we have play Big 2 everyday during lunch hour. Best of all, one of the kaki is a Malay. No kidding, he can play. I have recalled that during the fasting period, he really puasa however the temptation for gambling cannot be resist. Hence, I told him, “Hey u puasa lar, boleh judi meh??”. He says,”Judi boleh mar kerana guna otak…janji tak ada makan, saya masih puasa”.

  7. abalone: haHAhah zomg 14!
    zhong: hahahaa those people’s discipline not strong enough wei. during the old days, muslims goto war while they are fasting!
    joe: its actually a rule set by religious authorities i.e. they cannot serve food and drinks to muslim customers during puasa. if they were caught doing so, McD will be fined.
    karheng: its actually a rule set by religious authorities i.e. they cannot serve food and drinks to muslim customers during puasa. btw, got muslim player on EPL meh??
    Frentzen: wah, judi using money? batal already la!
    Cherryone: ummm, they cant. welcome to msia!
    flush: YEA LA. kena tangkap basah nanti!

  8. xes:lawyer also takut kena tangkap basah?isk..isk..kan ada alasan. anyway just a curiousity,how they know whether u had period onot?ppl can easily dupe their way thru moreover its impossible 4 them to examine her physically in the public.

  9. xes: i don’t know much about other teams, but for Arsenal, there are a few. Start to get surprised.
    Emmanuel Eboue, Kolo Toure, Robin van Persie.
    For Chelsea there is Khalid Boulahrouz.
    Zinedine Zidane was Muslim.
    and guess what? Ryan Giggs is muslim too!
    Nah j/k! eheheh

  10. if u dont want to fast, its between them and god. force shouldnt be used. if its not coming straight from the heart, then theres no point. its also a responsibility of another muslim to encourage the other to fast.
    but some view it differently…

  11. abdalon @_@
    pikey: wahahahah no problem for me la. but my friend will get into trouble keke
    cnigel: whether you fast or not, its between you and god. if u wanna bluff ur way through it (like substituting blood with ketchup sauce), no one can stop you le.
    boob: whats wrong with malay girls?
    karheng: zomg!! ryan gigggssS?? ZOMG!!
    zul: yup! well said, put some light to some of us 😀

  12. Xes: ZOMG U berkhalwat…..and leading a muslim away from her fate. Wah if kena tangkap….u kena lokap and get sula-ed upside down. LOL.

  13. eh off topic abit, it’s illegal to be stranded alone with a malay girl even when its just in a car (whether parked at somewhere crowded or not) right?

  14. fasting is a must to all muslims with exceptions.
    1. pregnant woman
    2. breast feeding moms
    3. ppl whose work involve heavy duty physical strength; (sports training, construction etc)
    4. operating heavy duty machines
    5. the sickly, the elderly
    they are encouraged, not forced. if they can’t deal with the hunger they do not have to proceed.
    food is not permitted to be served to muslims this is because….
    even if a girl is having her ‘time of the month’ she is not allowed to fast therefore she can consume food and water BUT it must be done in a humble and subtle manner (not in public) You wouldnt want the whole world to know you are bleeding under 🙂

  15. wolfx: wa, dont simply say, i didnt lead her away from the Muslim way. defamatory ah!!
    faai: i dont think it’s illegal for me.
    avalobdevil: bugger, we are not gan fu yan fu kekek
    cinta: thank you for the info!

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