First Time

Dear bimbobum,
I had sex for the first time a few months ago. It was painful and not very pleasurable. One thing that worried both my boyfriend and I was that I didn’t bleed.
Since then, my boyfriend has been distant. That night, he asked me if I had lied to him about being a virgin. I said that I was, but ah beng that he is, he accused me of lying. Just because I didn’t bleed. Sigh.
I have been trying to tell him that based on available information on the internet, not all girls will bleed for the first time. Due to active sports, some girls’ hymen will be torn or loose, therefore … no bleeding for the first time.
Anyway, I’m fed up of my boyfriend’s treatment towards me. I’m wondering if this is a good ground for a break up? If he insists that I lie and mope about it, it’s just ridiculous!
Dear blood-less,
Most importantly, WAS IT SAFE SEX?

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  1. what does being a vegetarian have to do with the topic?
    break up with that fella oni la..if he doesn’t trust you now, would he later on in the relationship?
    better to go fishing..

  2. BREAK UP! BREAK UP!…..Now that you have taken the “step” forward. Its time to discover yourself…….be adventurous…..

  3. the guy’s an idiot. Search the internet lar! If I came across a guy like that I’d be inclined to hit him on the head till he bleeds. He wants blood right? -__________________-;;;;;;

  4. agree with apple girl.
    there are so much information on the internet. anything that u don’t understand u can just do a read up in wikipedia.
    break up and move on as what ahlokkor said!
    sleep around like what xes said!!

  5. Amos: so sad, right, after xes then break up. i mean SEX. sorry.
    Khinko: vegetarian means … sex with vegetables?
    electronicfly: wOot u terror in fishing? teach me ;P fish for sexy fellas
    AHLOKKOR: adventures as an ‘adult’? ;P
    Applegal: ya! idiot must be reading Mills & Boons to think all girls must bleed [not to say Mills & Boons has any sex scenes]
    xes: ZoMg i hate cats!
    zhong: sleep around? 0_o forgot to ask if she’s of legal age, tho ;P
    zul: wat master bedding? ;P

  6. hum, should ask him to entail his sexual history and sordid details then use that as grounds for a breakup. i mean he’d be a damned hypocrite if he did the entire subaru night club and demanded an untouched woman huh? like gandhi said, “yo ! an eye for an eye till the world goes blind!”

  7. true. but there are some people who will live by the phrase, “let’s look forward, forget the past.” but i think knowing about someone’s history or background is important ;P

  8. Bimbobum: I think karheng/Zul means they are the Masters of beddings. Maybe have really nice beds to lure girls into.

  9. dear bloodless
    i am a muslim, i read your posted article by chance while searching some other article on internet. i feel sorrow to read about your problem. It is naturally that some girls do not have blod on 1st intercourse, your boy friend must trust on you. you can visit a web site and ask your boy friend to visit this site. Allah Subhana will Inshallah solve your problem. we pray for you a happy life. Allah hafiz

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