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Feet Detox is the most recent talk of the town. Such detox shops are springing everywhere from popular shopping centres to lousy shopping centres.
From the feet detox, one can remove toxin from their body just by placing their feet on a bowl specially mould to fit your feet. Then the bowl will be filled with a clear liquid. Few seconds later, the bowl will turn into a feet Jacuzzi and minutes later, the water will start to change colour! Apparently, the water changes according to the level of toxin on your body!

Of course, I couldn’t authenticate how genuine this detox is. I have not tried it myself. I somehow suspect that it is some sort of chemical based water that reacts to some sort of crap in the mini Jacuzzi. A placebo maybe..

According to http://www.pressbox.co.uk/Detailed/16721.html

    The Hydra Detox treatment is a very simple and effortless way to detox your body. It simply involves immersing your feet into a foot bowl filled with water. The Hydra Detox machine looks like a foot spa. It contains a double element that reacts with water and salt to ionise the water within the foot spa. When the machine is activated it generates a magnetic bio-field similar to that of a living being. When we come into contact with this via our hands or feet the magnetic field within the foot spa interacts with our own magnetic field to rebalance and re-energise our system.
    Following an initial consultation and assessment, you immerse your hands or feet, as advised by your detox practitioner, in the spa for 30 minutes. One treatment will be enough to impart a sense of relaxation and well-being and your body will, if properly hydrated, begin to detox. A course of treatments will be necessary in most cases if you want you body to re-balance itself to the best health it can achieve.
    This type of machine is described as a detox machine because the response of a rebalanced body is to excrete any excess toxins via the kidneys, liver, bowels and skin AFTER treatment. Therefore the client will experience the beneficial effects of a detox experience.
    Whilst immersing your feet in the water a gentle Bio-Energetic Resonance travels through the body rebalancing it and providing a catalyst for self-detoxification. The body now starts to release the toxins through the pores in the feet.
    The Hydra Detox System is completely safe to use. It is however, not recommended for pregnant ladies, anyone with a pacemaker or an organ transplant.

mmmm..so full of shit…

13 thoughts on “Feet Detox”

  1. Hahahahha……….. This is indeed full of shit, xes.
    There is also RO water and distilled water which can somehow “kill germs and viruses” in the water. KNN………….. If can so call kill viruses and germs, hospital would have installed it long ago lar…….

  2. fer: mmm u’re the phamacist..pls do some research keke
    fishfish: yea yea yeaaa my friends and i saw that shop before lunch…we lost our appetite fter that
    gguni: hahah yeah frank is right..ekek

  3. its a huge thing here in miri. they have been going on about it for more than a week and still going on and on and on…… honestly i don’t buy all that crap. and it stinks k. don’t know of what though…. hmm and the thing is not cheap. 1.8k?

  4. yen: it stinks?? O.o
    Darren: aiyah no need to worry la. my friend’s grandfather smoked hiss entire life and lived till 90 yrs old

  5. Did anyone knocking detox actually try it. If you try detoxing your feet with ions, you will change your mind when you see all the dark dirty stuff that detox takes out of your feet. If you think that is some kind of a trick, please explain to me how the dark stuff got into clear water — can you answer that one?
    Once I saw what came out of my feet, I was hooked.
    Like my doctor said, “Well, it cannot hurt you.”

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