finally got my clp form sorted out!

I finally completed the procedural requirement for the application of CLP (cert1ficate of legal pract1ce) today. It’s pretty troublesome, as I need to certify all my documents (education certificates and identification documents). Certification of documents is done by a Commissioners for Oath (it’s called Persuruhanjaya Sumpah in Malay), which is available almost everywhere. All you need to do is head down to a Commissioners for Oath’s office (it could be a proper office or sometimes a table outside the court house), pay the appropriate fees and get the documents stamped. Fees might vary from places to places. For example, the certification of my documents cost only RM1 per piece in Br1ckfields but in Subang, it costs RM4 per piece.

The commissioner I dealt with today was pretty nice. He lent me all the stationeries that I needed and even wished me good luck for my CLP exams.

The closing date for application is 31st October but no worries if you submit the form after the closing date. You won’t be barred from the exam but you will be fined RM250 for the lateness!

I sent my letter via Post Laju (national express mail). Most of my friends have no faith in Pos Laju and opted to deliver the application by hand (hence driving to the city, enduring the jam and lousy Malaysian drivers).

All I need to do now is pray that my documents arrive tomorrow!

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